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Just out of curiosity, what is the number of people who enter the job market each month or year? I'm thinking of those who get out of a high school, trade school, college etc. Are they counted in the jobless numbers? Dave Cranfield
In via Yahoo. Dave Cranfield
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I would like to know what percentage of GM vehicles sold were to the government. If I were a big business and loaned GM a truckload of money, I would certainly throw business their way. Dave Cranfield
Amazing! The Big E is still commissioned. She has to be the oldest ship in the task force. Dave Cranfield
Or the county building inspector who takes a tour of the interior of a home looking for code violations, after the homeowner pulled a permit to upgrade electrical in a detached garage. Dave Cranfield
I guess I was one of the lucky ones who had that “ah-ha” moment with high school math. I took the requisite algebra and geometry in my frosh-soph years, got C’s but never really grasped the subjects. They were boring classes. Nothing more than solving equations or looking at two dimensional planes or solids on the blackboard, text book or smelly mimeographed paper and being instructed to find the area, volume, angle or unknown. That “ah-ha” moment came in my junior year when my parents made me take an elective class called Applied Engineering for one semester. This class taught a practical approach to mathematics and engineering. Building a simple cantilever bridge (from an Erector Set, no less), then having the instructor explain mathematically how the angles of the support structure serve to compliment, cancel or enhance the total structure. Or, a counterbalanced drawbridge and learning a simple equation like weight times arm equals moment. The crowing moment was when we were introduced to a trig table. To me, the trig table became the answer key to any equation involving an angle. The rest is (math) history. Dave Cranfield
Some one educate me. Is this an all or nothing deal for SCOTUS? When SCOTUS delivers their decision, must they throw out all provisions of Obamacare, accept all provisions of Obamacare or can they toss out or amend portions of the law? Dave Cranfield
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Mar 9, 2012