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#6 and #12 really go hand in hand. We've started slowly implementing this in our family. Its easy to want to unwrap things, but really, unless its some thing that person really thoughtfully wanted and asked for, it usually goes unused and unappreciated. Last Christmas I got my husband scuba certification classes. He got me some 'stuff' but its stuff I've used every single day since getting it. Other times we've gone on day trips, 'stay'cations, or for our son we had a fun family party in lieu of gifts (from us at least...its hard to get wealthy relatives to NOT give gifts to their only toddler grandson.) The memory lasts much longer than any toy or trinket, and means so much more. I also love #10. So much easier to not want to buy stuff when you see it from this point of view! Thanks!
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Mar 28, 2012