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Precious sister, I write with tears in my eyes (and with broken emotions from my stroke, that's RARE!). I have been intensely praying, daily, for Toben and the girls to make strides to reunify your marriage and physically reunite your family, for months now, since I first really started to grasp that you had been asked to stay with your parents (probably June or so of this year). I hate God's answers sometimes, but know He has loving purpose for ever twist and turn He allows into our lives. I am inspired to see how you have been clinging to Jesus through this whole experience. I am sorry for this great loss in your life and am praying for you as you (literally) WALK into this new chapter God has laid out before you.
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Dear Friend, I just want to cry (and that is saying a lot, since one of the broken parts of my brain now seems to be the inability to cry). Not one thing alone, but everything and how life keeps happening (like Toben's job) and isn't turning out as planned (like how we imagined motherhood). Mostly though, it is how you describe the edge of depression's ugly, slimy, slippery pit! There are no words to really describe the endlessness, hopelessness of that pain. Thankfully my meds really helped, but I remember that feeling of never feeling anything like hope again and my heart ACHES for you. My prayer for you is that God restores unto you joy. {{{hug}}}
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Apr 7, 2012