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Not sure, if we have to use this nuclear technology is about the same or much better without it. The minds of ANS are seized inside "steam reactors" a primitive use of nuclear energy based on a hot rod boiling water, something similar to steam engines from 1600 Industrial Revolution, but as one said, if the steam engineers were so proficient in eliminating all other technologies we might never enjoy the benefits of "direct fuel injection" on our cars, we might drive pushing coal in our mini-boilers (call them Small Modular Reactors). US have to think seriously to fund the advanced research in nuclear power not only advanced bombs...because in bombs will be no revolution, and US will not succeed to blackmail all the planet with its bombs, just political gargling...The US national programs are conceived with HYPOCRISY, for example the Road Map to Generation 4 - was designed NOT to stimulate the progress to generation 4, but to eliminate from funding any other idea that is not related to STEAM REACTORS, and so did the GNEP, and all other DOE programs - it just strengthened the gangs power (old boys club)in nuclear domain, and eliminated any real invention. Fukushima showed clearly the weakness of US design, and the human factor impact - call it american management embedded in a country with fanatic militaristic traditions...they suppressed the question: if water somehow will flood our basement what the nuclear reactor will do? to be answered, and what they got - a Fukushima like Chernobyl...
All this DOE funding process is SO CORRUPTED, and the previous administration insiders were replaced with Obama's insiders, so for the sake of campaign contributions they have to fund "safe painted" nuclear...SMR what a joke, or demagoguery...when the security costs topped 10%, just to keep away terrorists, spreading this pollution in so many location to produce more energy - why not making safer bigger reactors, why not eliminate the actual clowns of DOE - and develop a more dynamic funding system based on idea, not on how inside the company tips penetrated the government...that's pure hypocrisy and tax payer money spoiling...US will be soon in the trailing edge of nuclear technology...but with fat old boys club, and dangerous reactors - watch out the new pollution season just started - Fukushima,2011, San Onofre CA 2012, NCSU 2012, and continuous underground pollution from the actual rusty 104 reactor fleet, soon will be another...and DOE avoids any revolutionary development funding for the sake of little evolutionary research, with no or little progress, bu known people, known big companies, safe spending with feed back, mainly nepotism and connections...and we wonder we have obsolete technology, the scientists are coming no more in US, preferring other countries like China, India, Europe.
That's another "Solyndra" the prefered of the Obama cabinet and DOE secretary...but is just green painted...
Gentlemen, how many of you graduated the kindergarten, but the high-school or more, if yes probably you heard that there is "no free lunch", and to move an object between two points (or more) one have to pay that energy, and if you will look to Hydro-Carbons, you will find gasoline among the best - compact and with low pollution...replacing it will generate usually more CO2 for the same power...methane and methanol may have some advantages at CO2 reduction, but have lots other disadvantages - those and more were presented in a book I found on kindle -Challenges of the future individual transportation, I can not say that I understand it all, pretty complicated, may be nor for kindle readers, but I got an idea...I'm still impressed of that.
I have read a book "the Challenges of the future" written by a Los Alamos scientist, few years ago that predicted even more we saw up to 2015 2% of GDP of US in weather inflicted losses...that's huge ! Go on the book on kindle, and see for yourself - it is a hard to read book, many charts, some very complicated, but worth the effort.
As it happens to know DOE, they seek some "solyndra" to finance, because the idea is nice but exposed to high power low frequency EM field exposure - In China a Maglev train was postponed due to such issues of parasitic radiation public exposure...Need a drastic change in DOE, to really give up this corrupted thinking and fund more project no matter from who they come from...up to now the pretend making fresh lemonade squeezing the same old rotten lemons...the only "lemons" they were advised to fund...and we are hoping in economic recovery ?OMG!!!
Hi, I do not want to argue with Larry, he is almost there, but I want to let you know that recently it happened to read a difficult book, from kindle, entitled "Challenges of the future" (in fact there are 2 with same name, I read one about individual transportation, and I got an idea on what it might happen very soon to US - the vehicle there looks robotic and is praised to deliver helicopter speeds at fraction of an actual car fuel cost, if and only if our society will be able to socialize and computerize enough to make it working; It is a multi-modal concept...and seems to be some prototypes developed somewhere in Los Alamos.
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Apr 9, 2012