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I blogged about this issue last year: I'm an unusually law-abiding cyclist, I think. I make a point of stopping at every light precisely because I want to send out a message that everyone should follow all the rules. But you are quite correct that the piece's big failing is that it imagines cyclists break the rules more than motorists. Like Goodyear, I live on Court Street in Brooklyn. It's a street where cars drive 60mph in a built-up area. I described in a blogpost how a car overturned in my street because it simply came way too fast down Court St: I'm fairly surprised Sarah Goodyear focuses on wrong-way cycling on the street as an issue.
Mr Griffin's comments don't make any sense at all but are unfortunately typical of a certain kind of uninformed motorist. I referred recently in a post on my blog figures from TfL research on the causes of serious accidents between bikes and motor vehicles. It didn't collate the figures for which vehicle caused which accidents - but it appeared to put the blame for between two-thirds and three-quarters of the accidents on motorists. . As a cyclist, I first noticed the Addison Lee brand only because I was so often horrified by the standard of driving. I can only agree with the people who suggest that it's Addison Lee's drivers who are most in need of extra training, not cyclists.
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Apr 20, 2012