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I am surprised that a public relations professional tries to bridge differences in a manner that is bound to antagonize opponents rather than bring them to see his POV. You have setup a Facebook Group to illustrate your openness and unbiased approach to this thorny issue. Problem is: - The FB Group is a members-only Group, which means anyone wanting to read the discussions must join Facebook! Many people view discussions that are carried out behind closed doors and not in the public domain as highly suspicious. - The FB Group does not allow individuals who prefer to post under a pseudonym, rather than their real name, to participate in discussions. The tradition at Wikipedia is diametrically opposed: the use of someone's real name is usually discouraged.
I would love to see the your Facebook Group, however I refuse to become a FB member just for that purpose. Why not set up a Group where the public can view contents, no strings attached?
I followed a link from Wikipedia to this blog. I am interested in increasing the number of companies with a Wikipedia entry. I have witnessed first hand the bias at Wikipedia against adding such material (see for example the article about Realtytrac that was only revived recently after being deleted more than once). I am dismayed though that you have chosen to communicate through a Facebook Group. I wonder why the contents of this Group are not available to the public (I will not join Facebook)?
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May 4, 2012