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glamour kitty
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My Mom wore Tabu, Musk oil, and Pheremone. She always smelled fabulous. Even her clothing smelled of her perfume. She always had such glamorous jobs like model and private investigator. She is always well dressed and smells fabulous! I always tried to live up to her perfection, but I never made it. LOL. Even now she looks elegant, and I look ditzy!!
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The first time I ever experienced Chanel 5 was in Apache Jct Az. I was traveling to LA, Ca, and I pulled over to have coffee in a small town in AZ in 1982 very late at night. In the restroom, there was a perfume dispencer. For a quarter you could get a spritz of Chanel 5 or a small selection of other perfumes. Needless to say, I spritzed Chanel 5. That and a cup of the best coffee I ever experienced gave me the strength to travel on to California. This gave a spritz of perfume, not a nib. It said to stand in front of the machine or put your hankie in front of it!!
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I got bumped from Taurus to Aries, neither of which totally fits me. My son got bumped from Saggitarious to the new on. He was bummed out until I researched it. It is an Egyptian constellation that depicts the Snake Handler or Snake God. He was happy after that! Very macho sign!!
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In the 70s my father had a business partner named Charlie and he would buy Charlie perfume for me, his daughters and his wife for birthdays and Chistmas. I loved the perfume!
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I love this blog! I once bought a bottle of Blue Carnation dry perfume from an antique shop for a few dollars. It was full and sealed. OH! Heaven!! It was fabulous, so spicy but with a mellowness. I used the entire bottle in a couple of years, and have been searching for it ever since. I have never smelled the true perfume version, only the dry powder perfume.
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May 13, 2012