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Thank goodness Justice Kagan is helping to create Harvard’s Islamic Studies Program BEFORE this November’s election. This serves to expose her poor judgment and Islamic patronization. Has anyone got an advance copy of the curriculum? I can only guess.
George, Your 5th paragraph conclusion is spot-on: "The question still to be asked is ‘how was the computer model validated and by whom?’ I was astonished when the SBC presenters (BJ Schmidt and Nick Martin) announced in the first minute of their presentation that the report is based on a “calculation methodology” and that “no measurements were taken.” Ten minutes later, they revealed that the calculation methods (“protocols” as the call it) are created by ICLEI who actually performs the calculations. The SBC presenters confided that they have no idea how the calculations are made. It was as if the SBC presenters were just surrogates for ICLEI, clicking through canned PowerPoint slides prepared by ICLEI. Thanks for attending the meeting and reporting on this.
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May 23, 2012