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Love is finish. The plant was to release hydrogen technology years ago but now it's too late and everything is collapsing
they never contacted me for an idea or a project
The world is not ready for this technology.
Batteries are getting better. Hydrogen fuelcell also. A hybrid battery- hydrogen fuelcell car can be made to get the best of these 2 technologies together. No range anxiety plus the possibility to recharge slowly when the car is not at use. Hydrogen efficiency as a fuel is big.
These technologies are just partly efficient. They should derive a method to use the waiste heat from the ice gasses exhaust that is actually blown into the air and not tapped in any way. they can boil some water to pressurized water vapor and spin a turbine that produce electricity. it will add weight and cost but the overall systen with added 'energy ' can be scale down.
Please begin production now in my area because im interrested to buy. We need some competition against conventionnal petrol. Also it's importsnt to use the waisted co2 from the industry everywhere.
@ Harvey, Is there a possibility to install a small hydrogen maker at your home or better if minuiturized enouph to install it inside the car. I think that hydrogen maker( electrolyzer ) are scalable.
It would be nice to see this system offered as an option on small ice cars and trucks.
That is low cost and non-polluting, hurry hydrogen cars. The thing is to miniaturize this equipment to portable or at least very small and do the hydrogen at the gas station instead of transporting it, that way it is more efficient. Also if the hydrogen maker is miniaturized enouph, we can install it in the trunk and poor biomass into it and the hydrogen is made inside the car so no need for external costly limited far away hydrogen stations
Crude petrol still remain the same. If they want to cut all sort of product in gasoline then it will be released in petrol refining and goes into the air at the refinery instead of the tailpipe of cars, so it will remain the same overall. Also refining will cost more. I believe that bi-fuel nat-gas-gasoline cars and trucks is a better idea for cost and pollution.
Why you don't transform methanol to methane and then you use the methane as fuel in a bi-fuel gasoline-methane car.
this kind of engine is better at been connected to a constant speed electric generator instead of powering a car or truck because of a relativily small torque curve. Constant speed efficient ice generator can decrease petrol consumption a lot and reduce weight as they are more efficient.
It's about time that they start doing something about big tractor-trailer trucks. They are hard consumer of diesel. Hydrogen injection and nat gas injection can help pollution and diesel consumption. There is a surplus of nat gas currently, and nat gas can be made also with co2 and water and windmills, so let's start it. It's stupid not to use windmills to the maximum. Windmills are better use to store energy then to match the grid as windmills are not constant. Solar panels in the desert can also be use for the same purpose and it need few maintenance and the energy is non-polluting and free. War on conventionnal petrol is needed. If cheap renewable start to conpetition petrol then petrol price will begin to drop.
There is nebulous policies because this article dated the day after this one is saying that they don't know how to spend the subsidies. GAO report finds DOE not actively considering any applications for Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program. I suggest to study and promote nat gas use for cars and trucks.
They receive subsidies to build advance cars but it's not selling well. They suffer from a lack of inspiration, that's the major problem. The satisfaction from car consumers about these new cars are very low. nobody is inpress by the leaf, the volt is costly and gm make few money with it, tesla is only for a few handful richs and is selling few, fisker is still struggling, etc. batteries degrade fast when employed in cars. heat and cold is a big problem, charging infrastructure is costly and enderemployed. Charging infrastructure take too much valuable space because it have to be reserved and only a car is showing from time to time. This is not a good idea. Why not build cars with 2 tanks, one for nat gas and one for gasoline so it become a bi-fuel car and nat gas is cheaper and cleaner and there is a surplus actually on the market. this technology is simple and cheap and should be popular. they can start to sell these cars in los-angeles and start to inplement nat-gas station in that area that suffer from polution. This is the most efficient and cheapest solution to decrease energy cost and reduce pollution. I said. Even old ice cars can be converted to run on bi-fuel nat gas and gasoline for 1 500$ to 3 000$ with addon tanks and some adapters lines and reprogrammation.
Another dream that will never happen. Even the lateast lithium batteries are a complete flop, see the boeing 787 story. The mpg increase of electric hybrid car are not significant and cost a lot. When it's cold or very hot all batteries have big problem. these battery do not last more then one or two years before been degrading 50%. It's been the 300th miraculous battery finding that i read here over the years and yet no real good miraculous battery have show-up. this week on local tv there was a prius owner that experienced catastrofic mpg this winter and very choppy driving. All his system was going havoc due to wear, cold and heat.
Batteries works bad in car so it's even worst in airplanes. It's surrelly political subsidies that push this bad technology.
Nobody really is currently able to predict the future of cars till 2040. The only provable thing is that overall petrol production and consumption will continue to rise at a steady state like it do since 100 years. some say that battery and battery hybrid is stopping petrol consumption. This is false as bev are selling very very few with subsidies and very few consumers buy them. bev are a mistake and will dissapear soon. to date nobody have competition for petrol. green algae is only in labs and never hit the market for real. hydrogen is a project since 12 years and never hit the market also. So today it's almost 100% petrol like it's been since 100 years. I was hoping for bi-fuel natural gas and gasoline cars and it could have been done since years but big oil want to go 100% petrol because they don't competition themself. So in 2040 it will be 2x the production and consumption of conventionnal petrol of today due to population rise and industrial growth. All alternative to date have been a flop and in 2040 only 1% of the population will talk about new technologies that never hit the market.
@ Darius. I agree. A small range extender in any bev is the way to go. It keep the battery in his natural operating range. Complete depletion is not good, overheating is bad, cold is bad also. So a small range extender increase the range and keep the battery in good shape and no need to find a fast charger when you need it. It's impossible to find fast chargers when you need it, except if you are very lucky. It would take 2 millions fast chargers to cover u.s.a roads and it will cost way more then these small range extenders and it's more practical to recharge when you drive.
In 2022 i will change my current dodge neon 2005. Im following the market closely each days for evolution in technologies. If this battery is good then i might like it in a hybrid instead of a pure bev. An electric like the volt with a small gasoline range extender is the best as i often do long trips of 1500 miles 2 time a year. I don't like to recharge on the road. A small 2 cylinder gasoline recharger is sufficient. The volt have a costly weighthy overbuilt gasoline recharger instead of a small efficient recharger. With a small battery like this that is efficient and light, then a pure electric range of 100 miles associated with a small gasoline recharger is the best combinaison for long or short trips without hassles.
All the technology concerning hydrogen production and hydrogen fuelcells is well known since years and years but it is only patented and put in a closet and they will never deliver it to the market. They thus protect petrol sale.
So they discovered exactly nothing good. It's inneficient, that's all they said at the end after berginning to say in the title that it is marvelous and new and efficient. It's been 6 years that i read this website and we all still plague by gasoline in all cars without hydrogen or something efficient and cheaper. This website is empty because it is a product of big oil. These researchers are paid by subsidies and they sell to big oil only their discoveries and big oil put these discoveries in patents to impede anyone to put on the markets any real inventions. In 20 years we will still buy only gasoline like it is since 100 years. anyone anyplace trying to begin commercialisation of anything in the energy domain will get bought right away before he start competition. If he resist then he will be sue by false goverments permits dispute and been throne to jail by patents infringment, so on. Everything is bought by banks and big oil including these researchers and this website.