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Oh, Kit - this made me laugh! I remember a time when my sister went to check if I happened to be asleep, so she tickled my feet - and I kicked, and managed to take off her braces (somehow, I did this without actually hurting her teeth at all, and, coincidentally, it was time for her to have her braces removed). I had a wart on my right wrist (no snickers about what activities might have caused a wart in my primary hand), and I removed it with one of those freeze-kits. Dear god, that process sucked.
Oh, this is funny, truly. Personally, I prefer an approach where both start off on a "non-mutually beneficial" approach, ending with different plans.
A smart "baby" you've got there, Kit.
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That's truly adorable.
I'm curious as to when my kids will actually start the "this needs to be done, so I'll do it," because THAT is the moment that I'll start thinking "this behavior deserves a reward."
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I'll fully admit that the age of mobile networks scares me half to death. Even at the height of wifi, I know that I can route all traffic through a device, and I can monitor all traffic through any given device. In a perfect world, I would have the ability to do so, but would rarely ever feel the need to do so. But, with mobile networks . . . well, aside from lack of money/opportunity, what's to keep a kid from getting a "burner" cell phone, that's not on my family plan? If it's not interfacing with something that I've set up, it's going to be foreign to me - you know, aside from "my dad would kill me if he knew I was doing this." So, really, our ideal situations are quite alike, Kit :)
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Bwahahahahaha! And I'm from Jersey -- I know how shitty it can be (but, seriously, it's Jersey . . . there had to be some kind of half-decent diner close by, though I certainly understand the appeal of crappy karaoke Applebee's if it's near the hotel). About toddlers, I don't remember the last time mine even started to start to go down for bed at 7:30 . . . last night, I think it was 10:30 or so. Maybe I'm a shittier parent than I think I am. And, while this may be easy for me to say because, well, any conversation about s-e-x would go right over my kids' heads, I absolutely hope they know their bodies well enough to enjoy themselves. Though I don't know if I'd want to know about any details, I'd want them to know there's nothing, at all, wrong with the act. Lastly? Holy shit, I've missed your blogging voice.
I'd have been laughing, too :-) I have my "barely media-savvy" teenage cousins that make me cringe with their posts -- I can deal with the "think they're hot" moms (hey, I post a lot of selfies) and 80-bazillion people sharing the same piece of viral video / religious statement . . . but those "does this kid know that people can see this" posts make me cringe. Merry Christmas to you & yours, Kit.
You know, I don't know if I know the song beyond the tag - but it sure is fun to sing. And, from where I am, yeah, you two were absolutely made for each other. Congratulations for knowing it :-)
I'm actually doing ok in the body department these days, so I'll take the money scanner :-)
I have a close family friend who recently retired as a career firefighter from the Union Township (NJ) fire department. Early in his career, he rushed into a burning building because the homeowner said "my baby - my baby is inside." It was the dog. And the dog was safe. The losing of a pet is horrible - it really is. But it is not on the level of losing a child, or a friend. This family friend, to this day, is jaded, and will ask people if they're talking about a real person whenever he's not entirely sure if someone is talking about a pet or a child.
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I'm looking at a 10-hour x 2 ride in just over a month, and I'm already cringing. Though my kids are still young enough that they may sleep through a fair bit of it. And I think the DVD industry will always be around, if only because they're SO MUCH EASIER to work with in a moving car.
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CISPA is a really, really bad idea, on so many fronts. Thanks for getting the word out.
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Oh, that's a great April-fools. I had an ex-girlfriend who sent out an email, as she was a first year student in an all-girl's college that she had been living a lie - that she wasn't a girl at all, but was, in fact, a gay man. The number of people who took her seriously was...disturbing. I'll never understand the people who go all-out for Easter presents. Heck, I barely survive the Christmas stresses as it is.
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Oh, I love this. What's funny is that I can totally see myself in your husband's shoes . . . random kiss to Duffy during the day and being taken aback when it's obvious that a kiss just won't do right then.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2013 on The Art of Seduction... at BloggingDangerously
And we are so very glad for that. Because, well, we like it around here.
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Silly kids, being all smart & funny & stuff....
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2013 on Daughter of the Year (NOT) at BloggingDangerously
Damn. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. I graduated college in 2000 . . . just as the internet bubble was popping. Whenever I talk to some of my previous classmates, and compare their skill-sets to my own, I start to wonder just what might have been . . .
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My son's favorite activity is to yell "daddy get me" in a crowded room, so that he can run around people's legs to avoid me, knowing that there are tickles & being held upside down when I do actually get him. You're doing this motherhood thing right, Kit
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2013 on The Curse at BloggingDangerously
I read the title & thought "this is going to be a touching piece, and all I'm going to be able to think about, as I read it, is duty." What I find most interesting is that, in the 18th century, a little backwoods collection of outcasts ended up creating some of the greatest thinkers of the age (if not all time). This was a truly touching piece - even if I was giggling throughout.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2013 on Duty at BloggingDangerously
Yes, school, itself, is stressful enough -- but that seems to be regular old "be a kid" stress. That said, I get the idea that you as a teacher would be equally "stressful," if not more so, than whatever your son deals with, currently. Ultimately, the kid just doesn't want to go to school -- not that I blame him :-)
I love John's philosophies. Pay the things you need to, pay down the things that you don't need to pay, and save anything left over. If only I could let my thinking be that easy. It's funny - the stuff I would stress about in college is so, well, unimportant, now. I had a job interview the other day, and I was asked what I would picture my job being in five years. Now, I'm a pretty successful IT guy, and this is hardly my first ever job interview, so I should have been prepared for this - but it caught me off guard. And all I could think was "sure as hell not what I'm doing now," and then I was wondering if I would even be in IT in five years. As far as the economy - well, I'm saving so little that it doesn't matter if things tank. So I'm all set :-)
I'm like you - if I'm planning on working out, I don't shower, and the lack of a shower is a great incentive to work out (at least, it is for me, any time I move my arms, I get a reminder). I've been getting more creative about how I'm working out. Over lunches still happens, and 4 in the morning still happens. Tonight, I'll leave work, work out while the kids are in the child-watch room at the gym, head out to Panera for dinner, and then head back for a family swim.
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That's quite awesome. I'm never going to have a chance to pull a boy aside & warn him about hurting Leila. I'm pretty sure CJ is just going to punch any suitor that shows up at the house.
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