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The same Alderman and Lisa DiChiera were asked to support landmark status for Marina City. Seemingly either neither of these politicos have any muscle or they failed to get the point across. There are many more beautiful Bertrand Goldberg structures already torn down. Marina City, not Prentice should be receiving all of the attention. No mid-century modern structure is more noteworthy for Chicago than the famous City Within a City. Marina City is credited with saving Chicago from "urban flight" and paved the way for Sandberg Village, McClurg Court and many structures up and down the lake front. Instead, commercial interests win the battle for ugly signage and destruction of the pedestal base and clean lines of Marina City. Stop the architectural sabotage before it is too late. Prentice is fine but it appears that it needs a cartoonist to repaint the exterior using oval windows as eyes for odd characters.
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Apr 5, 2011