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@john - one question that talks to the reduction in life span of F500 companies - have you looked at the influence of industry consolidation as a factor impacting that reduction in life span, the concentration of economic power and those influences?
@stowe: the fact you are confused doesn't mean I am irrational. I am making an argument base on current thinking I see spewed into the blogs. Sadly, you're totally missing the point in the context of the enterprise - the place I assume you wish to aspire. I measure and assess across multiple dimensions both theoretical and practical and based on my knowledge as an educated social scientist. Anyone who thinks past history, proofs and theories can be swept aside or ignored is indeed a fool or a revolutionary idealist. My gripe is not about resistance but about the uncritical assumption that in some magical way E2.0 will be adopted. It ain't going to happen in my lifetime or at least not the way articulated. To say otherwise is an offense to intelligent thinking. Not because I say so or because I am deemed curmudgeonly but because of socio-psychological dynamics that have stood the test of time and which no amount of technology will change so easily. But if you wish to put me to the test on where I stand then check this: Surely the time has come to have a robust debate rather than a continuing shilling of as yet unproven ideas?
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Jan 7, 2010