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Let's have respect for the truth, Karen. You said, "Our constitution only applies to individuals here in our country legally." That is simply, flatly, totally, and utterly false. The Constitution, first and foremost, applies to the government. But in many of the places where it refers to people, and many of the rights it protects, it applies to all persons in the U.S., not just citizens or the law-abiding. Consider an illegal immigrant who has been arrested. Do you suppose the government could deport him without due process? Summarily execute him? Why or why not? The answer in both cases is, of course, no, because the Constitution does apply, and it binds what the government can and cannot do, even to an illegal immigrant. I would suggest the next time you feel like making rash statements about the Constitution in public you run them past a lawyer first so you don't wind up with egg on your face.
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Apr 24, 2011