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Is it wrong that I just squeed when I saw that outfit? Love, love, love.
Love, love, love. As I sit here staring at the tweezers lying on my desk, I feel I'm channeling Pretty Annoyed :) And yes, true beauty comes from kindness. Pretty Annoyed is the epitome of true beauty.
Thank you! I agree, due to the size of turkeys, I get a little freaked out about their doneness. But don't want to serve one like they did on Christmas Vacation (it looked great, but they cut into it and it was dust!). That's why it was an essential addition!
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Thanks for the comment Aleigh! I agree that Goodwill is a good place to find resources for costumes! In fact, I am going in to look at tech items as I am considering being a "Museum of Technology" for Halloween!
OMG! I am dying over here! This was amazing! Can't wait till my husband gets home so he can have his retinas burned out and eardrums bleeding!
This would be so awesome if I were playing FF this year. My team kicked me out. Because I'm a girl. And? Because I won two years in a row. Without ever having played. Hehehe :)
My back to school technology wish list? Hmm, not as simple as I thought it would be! 1. iPad 2. New DSLR 3. Netbook 4. A printer that never runs out of ink (don't we wish?) 5. An digital calendar that doesn't allow me to click ignore, but slaps with me a cast iron skillet so that I don't "forget". 6. A transporter. It would definitely make the commute much easier! I realize all of the above isn't possible, but a gal can dream! lisa
Fantastic! I can't wait! You are moving and shaking lady! xoxoxo!!
I am so glad that you brought this topic up. It's been hot news among bloggers, but for me, even more personal. Like you, I have been blogging since 2003. However, I quit. Why? The answer is simple. There were too many bloggers that I encountered locally who were having great success by blowing smoke up others peoples rears (sorry, no other way to put it). They were receiving products, writing reviews with no bias, no pros, no cons. Nothing...and that's all they did. There was no substance, there was no voice. It was look at this great product I was sent and now I am going to give it away to you. When they tweet it, there is no reference to a client or them being a "consultant" to these companies. It's just them saying "Hey! I have this great product I am giving away." There is not mention as to how they came across it, if it was sponsored, a hashtag, nothing. I am not going to stop tweeting, but would like to see guidelines put into place. But, isn't that the companies responsibility as well? If they are going to sponsor you and there is a contract, then you are responsible for what you say/tweet/blog. End of story. CGC, Scott Monty, Karen Untereker and Melanie Notkin tweet with integrity. It's a standard other Twitterer's should uphold, respect and emulate.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on Transparency on Twitter at Clever Girls Blog
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