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Camping says that God will be turning a deaf ear to all those calls of repentance once he gets the rapture rolling, but at least we'll be able to get a head start on the looting here in the latter time zones!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2011 on Live-blogging the Rapture at Greta Christina's Blog
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I identified as a Fundamentalist Christian for most of my life, so I've years of indoctrination adding pressure to my hindbrain. I've had those twinges; more frequently as the day draws closer. They echo those that spring on me late at night when the house is quiet, the twinges that prod me to wonder if hell is real and to picture my children burning because I allowed myself to be led astray. Rationality eventually wins out, but it speaks to the power of these superstitions that there's ever a moment of doubt. The fear might be wearing a clown suit, but it still exists.
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May 20, 2011