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> Roberta, thanks for the thoughtful comment. I think the issue of personal responsibility and environmental context with regard to behaviors is one of the most important in our field, and yes, could be a seminar or whole course. For now, to your comment that "so much of the argument that focuses so strongly on personal responsibility is antithetical to what I consider a fuller population health perspective yet that is most of the work I see. What am I missing?", I'd say that there is a growing movement to influence the environmental context (see MN's State Health Improvement Plan menu of interventions: to complement efforts that have a more individual focus. The best evidence available to us shows, of course, that both are important. As Brownell and colleagues assert in their recent article (Health Affiars March 2010 p.379), "The challenge is to combine personal and collective responsibility approaches in ways that best serve the common good." We'll look forward to exploring on the blog how this challenge is being addressed across diverse communities and sectors.
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May 26, 2010