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Three short comments: - this blog is the first time, where I read business intelligence & anayltics properly linked with the linked data environment. The key is here to me, that you can apply (quite easily or "not too far away" in terms of timing) traditional bi techniques to linked data contents. The much exciting stuff is to apply broader analytics, which would mean "generate new information based on linked data contents". . Maybe a key to opening up linked data contents to traditional BI systems would be to create a LinkedDataOLAP-Adapter (an idea I had when looking ): this would enable instantly much higher adoption rates, as business users would access linked data contents without even leaving their desktop & application environment. (and without knowing that they used 'rdf-coded' information ;-) - You cited @cygri's statement re. local copies of triples: that's today's state of technology. I still hope that we get to something like "federated sparqling", where the querying person does not have to know where statements about a resource are made. Today the infrastructure-wise effort to recreate the most important triple sources for your own use is too high, and the publicly & freely available infrastructure does not match up - today - to requirements as you have them in production environments) A wonderful blog post, indeed, (re. Ryan: basically right, but I believe in the technical advantages & beauty of SPARQL: but I do not believe that e.g. a large share of business analysts will ever learn sparql, therefore we should make connectiong with linked data sources easy in todays (web) applications, and we'll likely have to hide sparql queries behind nice UIs to get acceptance)
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May 5, 2011