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Do the following make you more or less likely to vote for Donald Trump: 1. Using the tax code to cover his high-debt business tactics? 2. Maintaing a lavish lifestyle, while his businesses were floundering? 3. Do you think Donald Trump identfies with you? 4. Was there more that could have been done to prevent Russia from invading Crimea? 4a. Could you locate Crimea on a map? 5. Should the U. S. government have left Muammar Gaddafi in power in Libya? 5a. Could you locte Libya on a map? 6. Should the U. S. intervene militarily in Syria? 6a. Could you locate Syria on a map? 7. Should the U. S. intervene militarily in North Korea? 7a. Could you locate North Korea on a map? 8. Would you favor Syrian refugees who have been successfully vetted by the U. S. government living in your hometown? 8a. Do you beleive illegal immigrants are residing in your town? 8b. Do you believe illegal iimmigrants enter the U.S. more from Mexico than from Canada? 9. Do you believe more can be done to accelerate U. S. economic growth? 10. Do you save more vs. spend more today than you since the 2008 housing crash? 11. Should the military budget be increased, reduced, or remain at the same funding for the next 4 years? 13. Do you favor the privitization of Social Security? 14. How confident are you that you can invest and manage your retirement savings? 15. Does your investment approach favor stocks, bonds, CDs? 16. With mutual funds does your investment approach favor index funds or actively-managed funds? 17. Do you agree or disagree with Warren Buffet when he says that he should pay more taxes?
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Oct 5, 2016