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US of A
Born In The Canyons Of The First Island In New York. Proud American!
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"Pammy G"!!! I love it! Great duo. Great topics. Great Podcast. Thanks!
@ Crombouke,Very, very well written! May I share your words on facebook and in emails to my friends?
It matters because as they ruin one more country, the world is diminished by that much. islam enslaves these lands, ruins their economy, and thereby perpetuates their claims to victimhood. "Look,our once beautiful islands are now destitute and ugly. Must be the fault of the Jews!" Where on earth have they migrated that they haven't ruined? Look at Scandinavia, England, France, all countries that welcomed muslims in. They refuse to assimilate, hate their host countries, and do everything they can to destroy what is good and free. Everywhere they go they turn dark, poor, and totalitarian. No freedom to practice any other religion! That is the antipode of what the US is founded upon. The sooner their ideology is wiped from the human consciousness, the sooner we will have peace on earth. Sheesh, if they could only limit themselves to being benign, not malignant parasites, it would be a world gain!
"He chose the Jew..." And the world still accepts Anti-Semitism - Jew Hatred - as a normal thing. I hear African-Americans, European-Americans, White-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and people all over the globe, in my travels, expressing hatred towards Jews. Many Christians are prime offenders. I was raised in NYC as a Catholic and learned very early in life to never, ever tell any of my school friends that my mother was a Jew. As a child, being a kind of "undercover Jew" I heard the animosity first hand from the children AND the parents, and still do to this day. Jesus, a nice Jewish boy who made good, said to love your enemies but to destroy all that is against good. Until the hatred of Jews is eradicated in the hearts and minds of mankind there will never be peace on earth. Until islam recants mohammed's hatred and deletes the teachings of hate from its doctrine, there will never be tolerance. "What is happening to Christians and Jews" is NOT surprising and, while I agree that evil will always oppose and attempt to destroy what is G-d's and G-dlike, it is everyone's duty to oppose and destroy evil and the works of evil wherever and whenever we find it. Keep the battle going.
I also agree with Pamela that as the left continues to reveal its true nature and intentions, it will ultimately lead to its own destruction. The focus always needs to be on eliminating those elements, internal and external, that work day and night to destroy the good, decent, and noble in the U.S. and Western society in general.
I believe the Community Provocateur-in-Chief's plan is for these demonstrators to eventually provoke retaliation in 2012, so we will experience a long hot summer of violence and civil unrest. This should escalate as we near the elections, allowing Obama to somehow "save" the country, while maintaining a stranglehold on all that we value. Fortunately, Americans are not that dumbed-down yet, and his plans to divide and conquer will go nowhere. We are simply too smart to allow such Stalinist planning to go that far. . . I hope!
@ Nate, The problem isn't that we don't accept that others "have their own religion". The issue is that an ideology masked as a "religion" wants to supplant our ways and impose, by force, their ideology on the entire world. I would say that Pamela, as well as most of her readers, do NOT judge muslims by terrorists, but rather judge islam and its adherents by the koran. The koran is the guidebook. It tells its followers what to think, who to hate, and how to spread the ideology. Read it! The present leaders of islam today are not shy about their intentions. If the pope called for the destruction of non-christians, I'd be as against that ideology as I am of islam's. @ Sposting: Pamela and Robert have not been part of "creating hatred." Mohammed did that, not "decades ago," but 1400 years ago, and the war against the West has never stopped. His "unbridled hatred" was foisted on the West and its values and continues to this day. Read the koran, know what your defending under the cloak of fairness and open-mindedness, and see what islam is really all about. The West needs to wake up before it's too late!
These are non-explosive attempts to disrupt and keep the people afraid and terrorized. All ou need is to have people wondering if "this could be IT!" to keep them terrorized. One of the sadder things about cancelling your booking at the Hyatt is that while they quote a need for increased security and concern for the safety of their guests, they never allude to from whom would they need to be secure! Who would be a threat to Hyatt's safety? Muzzies? Naahhhh. . . nothing to see here, nothing to be concerned about.
They say he "forwarded a racially charged email" And that it was "unacceptable. . . to send such a racially charged email". What "race" exactly ARE muslims?
I was shocked to learn this was a privately owned park! These people are lemmings, looters and moochers who want life to be handed to them. They have no message. They have no demands. They have no plans or proposals, for crying out loud. Such a purposeless, directionless group of malcontents wandering through life without gratitude is a sad thing to see. Worse are the clown actors, celebrities, and politicos who endorse this tom-foolery. It is truly a battle between the moral and the immoral. They are complete wastes of skin.
What a mindless tool! Show biz is becoming more and more infected with such idiocy.
What can you expect from a feckless, biased, liberal, cowardly main stream media? I see so many areas of the world awakening to the actual threat that islam poses and it's rewarding to see it. . . the West is slowly opening its eyes. All one has to do is observe the world's hot-spots, see who and what are behind the various tumults - what common thread runs through the hatred, murder, terror and subjugation involved and the conclusion is inescapable. islam. Period. As always, thank you for your courageous work!
We love you no matter what! I always thought it was the plethora of banners and ads on the right that slowed it down. That being said, Atlas is worth waiting for!
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on Slow Loading Atlas at Atlas Shrugs
An absolutely perfect, spot-on article, Atlas! Kudos as always. The work of SIOA, (and SIO-worldwide,) the Tea Parties and other emerging groups are indicators that we are waking up. We must continue to spread the truth and bring everyone we know into awareness of the islamic threat to the west. I know that if Western civilization fails to wake up to, and fight, what islam really is, we WILL be taken over and consumed by it. It's that simple. Great, great article, Pamela!
It might be worth giving this a try. Propose a contract to run the same basic ad, but change it to: "Fearful of a group? Religion or Cult pressuring you? Leaving an intolerant philosophy? Got Questions? Get Answers! Contact: (Example:) RefugefromIntolerance.Org" This would further determine if Miami-Dade is only against anti-muslim messages or is also against ANYONE leaving ANY group, say like Scientology, or Heaven's Gate, etc. Waddya think?
Remember Pamela's post about the Dept. of Defense's Missile Defense logo? Try this on again: These things are not accidents.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2010 on Crescent Loon Watch at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela, I'm sorry I missed your posts. I emailed you and will email you again right now.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2010 on SIOA Officers at Atlas Shrugs
@sheik yer'mami: The fact that after living in Australia for 5 years she "spoke little English" and needed an interpreter, tells even more of her subjugation by this 'husband.' Keep 'em uneducated, ignorant of rights, pregnant and subordinate! Thanks to the "religion of love and peace."
While fooling around with my high school daughter in a Barnes and Noble yesterday, I teased her by grabbing "What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know" and challenging her to see how much she could recall from 4th Grade. I opened it to page after page of muslim relativism and praise. There were references to "In some ways, the Crusades and jihads were much alike." and a "hero in the Middle East, famed for defeating European Christians and restoring Jerusalem to Islam." (Italics mine) Absolutely shocking, and more evidence that the lies must be stopped. Count me in.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2010 on SIOA Officers at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Pamela, The link "contact us" takes us to the Birmingham Eye Care site. You might want to adjust that. I'm happy to be California's officer if it's still available!
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2010 on SIOA Officers at Atlas Shrugs
What I found particularly funny is that when Cleaver comes back with a police/security person, Cleaver can't point the guy out even though he's right in front of him!!! What did he bring the uniform for? To show him the stair where it happened? How about "Leave it to Cleaver!" In this episode the Cleave is accidentally spit upon by Lumpy who disappears from Cleave's view through the the magic of his Whiteness. Eddie Haskell, the cop, also can't see invisible Lumpy. Later in bed, Wally, (Rahm Emanuel,) says to the Cleave: "Gee, ya' little goof, what did you go and do that for?" Cleave replies: "I, I don't know Wally. Maybe I just kinda imagined it."
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2010 on LIARS! at Atlas Shrugs
@Carolyn Martin. Unfortunately, the payment went to Christian Action Network. I'm still trying to get my refund. A GREAT way for all of us to help support these causes is to DONATE to FDI and SUBSCRIBE to ATLAS! You'll never miss the money!
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2010 on LA Premiere Cancellation at Atlas Shrugs
Sheeesh! I'm disappointed this isn't taking place, but I can understand the rationale. So does anyone know how we will get our refunds for the tickets purchased?
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on LA Premiere Cancellation at Atlas Shrugs
The end of the film clip says it all: "Obliteration Is The Only Answer". Obliterate islam and know peace. I'm down with that. Where has islam brought peace? Where has islam stood for liberty? Where does all the trouble we see in the world originate from? islam! Look at the world's hot-spots! islam. . . the curse of our planet.
Your problem, 1bodyguard, is you think with your feelings, and not your logic. If you used reasoning you'd probably have a different viewpoint. WHAT did he 'inherit' from Bush? Hatred of America? Sorry, but muslims have hated us, and the rest of the world since their beginning. Debt? Sorry, but Congress spends the money, not the president, although Bush DID go along with far too much compromise in order to reach across the aisle. But remember, Obama voted for Bush's stimulus package when he was a Senator. He not only CHOSE the debt we had under Bush but doubled it in his first few days in office. . . now he wants to triple it! Honest? Virtually everything he says is a lie. Look at the joke of his Obamacare. He said this was for the millions who do NOT have medical coverage: the poor. The poor have medicaid and ERs. They are never turned away. The other day he said it was to relieve costs of care for the middle class. Which one is it? Both? Can't be, my friend, cause numbers don't lie. As for 'hard-working', this SOB has taken more vacations and parties than any other president in our history. All he ever talks about is how he needs to "get away" from Washington and the job he wanted so dearly. He hasn't 'reached across countries', he's failed at every attempt to score, from his bid to have the Olympics in Chicago to his beloved Indonesia. He has rejected Israel, and spent most of his foreign time kissing islam's ass and embarrassing us as he did in Japan. And 'reaching' isn't an accomplishment. Leading is! The country he grew up in hates him and throws shoes at him. What does that tell you? For all his pandering to islam he STILL is reviled. This president has created more problems for us and has done absolutely nothing to 'fix' anything. What has he fixed? He's broken every word of his from Gitmo to Gays in the Military. He has weakened our Homeland Security and appointed the worst kind of low-lifes to high office: from that child molesting czar to his tax-dodging appointees. And we are now in such deep, deep, debt that your great grandchildren will still be paying it off. How did Bush do that? Sorry, your Obama did that. The only thing I'll help this clown do, is resign or get impeached. We KNOW what he's trying to do, and that is destroy America as she is, and remake her in some global, socialist, islamic republic. I stated all of the above without calling you ONE SINGLE NAME! Your kind can only resort to your age-old foolishness of calling us patriots stupid. Your kind can never win in the arena of facts, but must always rely on emotions and name-calling in place of logic and reason. To YOU and your kind: YOU stand down! Your days are numbered.