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720p or 1080p is a red herring. It's picture quality that matters, and PQ is all about bitrate. When I watch a blu-ray disc, I see it has a bitrate of over 30 MegaBits per second, more when there's a lot of action on the screen. Even OTA I get an average of 16-18 Megabits/s, and that's for 720p and 1080i. How is Netflix going to deliver that when so few people have broadband that can deliver those speeds?
I have already been waiting 28 (or more) days for Netflix to ship New Releases. So, from now on will that be 56+ day waits? I don't want to hear about streaming. The quality just doesn't compare to BluRay when it comes to action. It's fine for things like Helvetica, but not much more.
I have a TiVoHD and a PS3, and use Netflix on both. I prefer the interface on the PS3, but usually use the TiVo just because it's already on and doesn't need a disc. FF and RW are a little better on the PS3. I never have any problems with buffering on either platform. Both are hardwired ethernet, which I think can make a big difference, depending on how crowded your spectrum is. The PS3 is a great blu-ray player. "The Standard", according to Robert Heron of HD Nation. Pair it with PS3 Media Center on your computer (Mac, Linux, or Windoze) and it really does it all.
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Dec 19, 2009