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Dalian Moon
A stay at home mom who somehow found time to teach herself Mandarin Chinese and record music.
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It is amazing how becoming parents helps us to reconnect with our own childhoods!
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2010 on Musical Memories at The Laurie Berkner Band Blog
Thank you! My almost 7 year old son, William, is autistic, and he really responds to music. Your music, my music (I am a singer/songwriter myself)...all kind of music grabs him. It often works better than spoken words. I have to say, though, that William has always especially loved your songs.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2010 on Music and Disability at The Laurie Berkner Band Blog
I'm looking forward to keeping up with your activities via your blog. :-) Hope you can come out to Michigan (metro Detroit) soon. Juliet
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2010 on Welcome! at The Laurie Berkner Band Blog
A beautiful picture and a beautiful post. I hope that you find the peace that you are seeking.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2008 on strength and courage at WWdN: In Exile
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First season was wonderful! After last season, though, I'm going into the next season cautiously. Not only did the new characters suck, characters that I really liked seemed to take stupid pills. There were only about two episodes that I actually enjoyed last season.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2008 on the daily facepalm at WWdN: In Exile
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LOL That is messed up!
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I feel so old! When this came out, I was young and naive enough to think that "party all the time" meant she liked to party at Chuck E. Cheese or something.
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2008 on This is for Nolan . . . at WWdN: In Exile
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The weird thing is, this could have been written by my 24 year old self, or my dad, or my ex-boyfriend, or any of my friends.
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Seeing these makes me feel like a kid again, and at the same time old. heh
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2008 on saturday morning flashback at WWdN: In Exile
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Your brother's work is amazing! It really is! I suck at photography, so I can appreciate when someone is good at it. Congratulations to Jeremy! Have the two of you ever considered collaborating on a book? Your words and his images would be a powerful combination, I think.
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Sounds like another way for me to get my music out there. It's a tough sell. Modern day madrigals. But this sounds like it could work for me. Thank you! I came for a fun read, and got something out of it.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2008 on i'm kind of in love with magnatune at WWdN: In Exile
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Thanks for the recommendation.I'll give those books a read. And I totally know where you're coming from on the bathroom thing. Heh.
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Crap. I just realized that I worded things poorly in my comment. I meant that the event of my son's birth will be forever tainted by the stupid war. I was tired yesterday. Poor boy was very sick. Way to make a good impression. :-p Oh, and Sriracha sauce rules! My husband is Chinese, and introduced me to the joy of it. I like to mix it with soy sauce, black vinegar and just a drop of sesame oil to make dumpling sauce.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2008 on my con sars. let me show you it. at WWdN: In Exile
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Know what sucks? March 19th, 2003 is also the day that I gave birth to my oldest son. So an otherwise happy occasion will be forever tainted by that. By the way, I was one of those obnoxious fangirls of your in the '80s. I even met you once and gave you some lame gift, which I hope to God you threw away. How funny that the fangirl side of things is long gone, but I now enjoy reading your blog so much as a fellow parent and geek.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2008 on my con sars. let me show you it. at WWdN: In Exile
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