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What you resist persists.
We in the West will form no real policies to protect ourselves since we have already sold much of our power of our institutions, corporations and governments to the OPEC nations. To our enemy. We have sold them the chains of our own bondage as our homegrown fifth column cheers on our demise.
Yep. I have been advocating and sparring to no avail with one of our own dhimmis in defense of our civilization, and he discounts all facts in deference to some Arabist professor of "Middle Eastern Studies", not realizing the source of the propaganda which he has so trustingly accepted.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2013 on The Stupidest Headline Ever at Atlas Shrugs
Notably the Islamic world is not bound by our Western neurotic fear of appearing bigoted. Their message is loud and clear and half of us will go to any length to deny there is a problem.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2013 on The Stupidest Headline Ever at Atlas Shrugs
Our own collaborators are the ones who have let the enemy inside the city walls. That is our biggest problem. The Islamic world cannot be reformed, not by outside influence from the West at any rate.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2013 on The Stupidest Headline Ever at Atlas Shrugs
Oh, don't I know it. I have traveled much and studies Arab society very much over the last dozen years. The West can do little to cause improvement in the Islamic nations - they must do it themselves but under the jack-boot of Sharia this could take longer than our lifetimes if ever. Nazism lasted only 20 years but the evil genius of Mohammad is self-replicating and has done so for 14 centuries and is getting worse. More disturbing and dangerous to us in the West is the willful blindness to the problem and the direct collaboration by our own leftists whose minds are determined to give our own society up to those barbaric values all in the name of moral and cultural relativism. These are the ones who are letting the enemy inside our gates. I have been an advocate for the restoration of pride for our own culture and against the disgusting self-hatred drilled into our population ever since the sixties. For two decades I have had discussions and arguments with the brainwashed with little result. After age 25 or so it is virtually impossible for a self-hater to deprogram his mind which has been marinated in the lie that Western civilization and personal freedoms (capitalism) are not the source of all the evil in the world. That is our biggest problem - sabotage from within. It's at the point where our world leaders are infested since a brainwashed electorate wants them in power. And that more than anything threatens to bring us down.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2013 on The Stupidest Headline Ever at Atlas Shrugs
In a recent debate with a cultural relativist the subject of Pamela and her work came up. The typical knee-jerk slander against her that arose made it all the more clear that we have much work to do in this long war. I have come to realize that a simple pattern emerges which helps me stay on track during such discussions. There are four and only four entirely predictable and robot-like responses you will ever get from apologists for moral and cultural equivalence: 1) Denial 2) Deflection 3) Silence 4) Ad hominem attack With an awareness of the kindergarten simplicity of their debating arsenal, their delusions are extremely easy to debunk. Getting a concept across to a cornered apologist however is next to impossible.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2013 on The Stupidest Headline Ever at Atlas Shrugs
When you are dealing with someone whose mind has been brainwashed, has been taken over by the body-snatchers, nothing can get them off that track, not even 20 years of deprogramming. Their efforts have been taken over by the Islamists and their propagande and paradoxically everything they say is in defense of the invading alien culture. I remember how a few kids were indoctrinated by the Mooney cult, how difficult it was for family members to retrieve them, and now it's whole large sectors of society whose minds have been usurped. The only saving grace to this disaster is that every one of their arguments is easily defused, and their faulty logic is easily exposed. The brainwashed never see it, but a thinking person can see the left's hypocrisy immediately. The interview gives many good examples of this.
Magic invisibility suit! That Mohammad was genius! Former authority structures such as police, militaries, and governments are powerless against it!
What a bizarre irony that Israel, the one country with the most experience in combatting terrorism, was blocked from the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF)charade, blocked by the US to appease terror-Hamas apologist Erdogan. Reassuring to know that Obama's "got Israel's back". You couldn't make this up. It just gets weirder and weirder as the blind twist themselves into pretzels trying to keep reality from catching up with the Big Lie.
Reality always has a way of catching up to things, and when it does for this one the infection may have polluted our society past the point of no return. Best to keep in touch with our young folks - make sure their heads are screwed on properly in this age of easy information, emotionally-comfortable lies, and little real wisdom.
Not only is the enemy inside the gates, our ruling elites have joined forces with them.
John Edwards, you think that being pro-Israel is extreme? That Harper's views are ignorant as regards the Middle East? Do you have the internet in your 'occupy' tent? Please read the article. These are the days when most of the free world's leaders kiss up and bow to totalitarian theocracies or secular truly radical anti-Western nations, as if they will love us if we bow to their sick agendas. Back in the 30's it was Churchill who was derided as extremist, and we all know how that went down. Read the article and study geopolitics, not merely Arabist propaganda. Phillips understands. We are in for some truly terrifying times and no, the West is not the cause of the hatred directed towards our civilization. I would dread the day if Canada were to go the way of most of the EU countries or the US. These are days of propaganda and the bill for these years of delusion are coming due soon - just watch! Equally disturbing are the irrational haters of the Harper government who are so ideologically-driven that they cannot comprehend the truth in the points outlined in this article, and cannot appreciate the steady and realistic hand which Harper and his ministers have on Canadian interests. Western leaders would do well to follow his lead.
Watch, more false ammunition for the Left to vilify centrists (who they call "right-wing") and Christians, in their war to draw moral equivalence of this to Muslim barbarianism.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2011 on Heads Explode at Atlas Shrugs
The level of irrational hatred which I read as I comment on some YouTube posts is disturbing. I can mention Syria, I can try to use logic, I can try to find a thread of common intention, and yet it's like relating to a rabid pit bull in a cage. And that is where I hope they all end up if they are lucky enough not to end up at the bottom of the sea.
California will go the Islamic way and within 10 years you won't recognize the place. Reason: full of leftist enablers, who, by the way, will be the first to find they are in a civil war fighting for their lives. Governments get one or two in on the thin edge of the wedge, often at the municipal level. Nazareth, Rotterdam, Malmo are three good examples. Then at the state level and before you know it there will be slave market for little Christian girls. No exaggeration. It's coming, and first to the "blue" states because leftists surrender like dodo birds.
... and Allah ain't God, won't he get a surprise!
I believe that all peoples deserve to live in security, prosperity and dignity. However the culture of hatred endemic to the Palestinian Authority's policies is incredibly self-sabotaging. No justification for this, neither this act nor the other recent incidents of open season on innocents. I too visit Israel often, I know folks both in Israel proper and the Shomron. This is a holy war. It of course as you know is multilayered and complex. Carving up Israel, giving away the hills about Ben Gurion, back to the completely arbitrary 1048 armistice lines will be a disaster, especially considering the violence which has become the character of the Pals. Your solution will surely be a 'final solution'. It's common knowledge that the Pals look upon any agreement as just the second phase to the destruction of the Jewish state. What really is the problem with a tiny Jewish state? Simple, it's Jewish. This IS a holy war, and giving away more land for a piece of paper will end in another Gaza, but times ten.
Yeah Jas I hear ya, every time I get frustrated it makes me want to go and butcher a family! You seem to be an expert on international law, implying that you are magnanimous and of some higher awareness, and yet you justify and make excuses for the death cult and its actions. Amazing how many so-called experts are around who know nothing of the dynamics. Ignorance plus arrogance - it's called unconscious incompetence (not knowing that you don't know, and righeous about it to boot! Borrow a book, read about the cultures and history for a few years, then if you have the courage, actually leave the town limits and go to the Middle East, talk to folks who live there from all backgrounds. Then come back with your judgments.
And again, where is the chorus of Moslem voices showing their disgust at these attacks in the name of their so-called "religion"?
The New Years Day female bomber's bomb actually was detonated by a "spam" text message from her ISP wishing her a happy new year while she was at a "safe house". Thank God for spam for once.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2011 on Russian Bomber A Muslim Convert at Atlas Shrugs
Great presentation Pamela. You were extremely patient with those poor well-meaning but brainwashed students. What's sad is to see the damage done by their liberal/apologist professors. Despite your eloquence and the use of clear language, even reaffirming their own values regarding "human rights", it's pretty apparent that the concepts went way over their heads.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2010 on Pamela Geller at NYU at Atlas Shrugs
Laura, that was history, let's please deal with facts as they exist today. I know, there were a couple of abortion doctors killed. Not only were they not radical Christians but actually Christian-haters there were only a few (less than 5??). Please, there is not equivalence and your statement holds no relevance, only adds to the confusion. Islam's war on us is NOT our fault. Islam's horribly barbaric characteristics, the hatred preached in 100% (yes 100%) of mosques against the infidels (that's me BTW), is due to medieval value systems railing against anyone who is kuffar. The Crusades are over 800 years ago, McVeigh was anti-Christian... so do you have any relevant anecdotes you can share about Christian, Bhuddist, Hindu attacks against civilization? If not, then please don't repeat that tired rhetoric. Spend your time helping peaceful Muslims reform their ideology without fear of being murdered. That might be a worthwhile contribution.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2010 on Pamela Geller at NYU at Atlas Shrugs
These students might do well to think about this quote from Winston Churchill: "If you're not a socialist at age 20 you have no heart, and if you're not a conservative at age 50 you have no head."
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on Pamela Geller at NYU at Atlas Shrugs