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Tony Abbott leads by example while Green Labor and their left call for his execution. No wonder so many good ministers resigned from the Gillard/ Rudd ranks..
Nimby attitudes will deny landuse planning corruption exists outside ICAC for now..
Green Labor their left and the liberals for trees just want us to bend over and take it like their man made global warming crap.
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2012 on In Defence of Cory Bernardi at Menzies House
The sacrificial lamb on the alter of political correctness and a sop for the left to get over their man made obsessions.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2012 on In Defence of Cory Bernardi at Menzies House
I want carbon coal as it delivers better value heat and does not tax as much, and the other plus, it heats up the climate and that can only be good for their is to much ice around, and if the greens and labor think it is a bad thing well let them freeze, NB the earth balances out any addition which man is likely to make and that amount is infinitesimal. Any nappies are now put in the dryer.
Thanks' Elizabeth, Conveniently most but not all who call themselves environmental scientists who could have studied the biology of the Koala (if they really cared) digressed into abstract bush walks and other areas to follow the political funding trails of never go near the facts to produce what they needed in following the lazy trail of applause and green labor political back slapping. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
Andy, Green labor and their left have upped the anti from increased fuel loads on the forest floor to residential home ceilings.
On the knocker Sebastian, if the liberals sell out private enterprise and the nationals, and that's what is at stake here cuddling up to the greens, which labor is promoting, where will they drown their sorrows? Maybe they will do charity work, to remove that useless guilty stain, in a nothingness retirement or just do the hippy thing and run to the hills for a generation. Or just runaway overseas, which is reminiscent of a previous fall. Just what labor and their greens really want.
Conservative, superlative, I thought it was a good bread and butter list of creatively productive examples, but alas there were some real control only freaks there too, who could not work without authority or without their masters. I could find another list to fit any misnomer, self abusers or those who are afflicted supporting their eccentricities, addicted to sugar, salt or just buying a legal non medically prescribed dose of self help which does not damage or reflect on others or their choices, which could be a sign of abuse or a cause célèbre, like saving the planet but not being able to save themselves and show contempt for others who do not agree with the righteousness at this time of plenty or statutory waste.
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Oct 25, 2010