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Actually Reg, the implants are a mile away from the hole. There is no possible way they could ever interfere with defecation. If that were true, I would have died the day after surgery when my ass was the size of Texas from swelling.
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Implants have changed over the years. There is no liquid of any kind in these. They are a solid, but flexible material that feels like a real muscle. I'm told there is no reason they shouldn't last a lifetime.
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Of course he gets high prioroty with me. But I suspect he'll continue to pay me as well. He's a big time gambler and $8000 is small change for him
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Shame? Over what? I'm always open to gifts. Guys often send me gifts. I don't expect it but it's kind. Honestly though, $8000 is nothing to this client. I've seen him gamble three times that more than one night.
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To clarify since some people apparently struggle with comprehension, the surgeon is not paying for anything, one of my client covered the $8000 cost without any future commitment or promise to see him, though I plan to. Secondly, vascularity is a highly desirable characteristic in bodybuilding- it means your body is fit and lean. And finally, I'm not "fat shaming," but having a 40 inch waist isn't healthy- especially at age 15 as it was for me. The bulllying and teasing was incredibly intense for me throughout high school.
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Oct 14, 2016