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Dalon Gage
Interests: scrapping
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Thanks Cathy - you are such a good writer! Sorry to hear about the tranny, but so glad you shared your story - your perspective - the amazing reminder that "it's all in how you play the cards you're dealt" ... thanks ;-)
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I love this site!!! Usually I read the blog posts through Google Reader, but only the first few lines of text show in Reader - is that something you can modify in your blog setup? Thanks so much!!! ... after posting this I just saw other comments above about the truncated posts ... I'd still love to see them longer ;-)
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I love this post Beth!!!! I have tried for years to keep up with blogging ... mostly for family, but I want to share crafty stuff as well. Not sure I have what it takes to improve my blog more than blogger offers BUT your advice is still wonderful for people who want to share their stories. I'm excited to see what changes you're going to make!!!!! (p.s. just went to Talkeetna for a weekend scrap - going to Wasilla next month - am on a roll!!!!! crossing over to the dark side was THE BEST thing EVER!!!!!) :-)))
Beth, you have always been such an amazing writer - thank you so much for expressing yourself so vividly - and for sharing your story. I am forever in awe of how you live and love - thank you so much for being you. And thank you also for the sacrifices you and Don make for this amazing country. God Bless America! Love, Dalon
this sounds just wonderful Beth!!! I plan to make and try them - yum ;-) we're creating a cookbook at church this year - can I "share" this recipe? hope all is well!!!
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Jun 11, 2011