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Carlton OR
Interests: scrappin
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oh how I have missed your blog!!!! (we moved this year and I'm just now getting back to "normal" life - whatever that is ...) I really like your idea of printing 10 pics per month ... last year I printed a collage of photos - one 8x10 per month - for a total of 12 pages and it was a great way to glance at a year in a short amount of time. I was trying to scrap chronologically, but that left me feeling behind always. Now I "scrap off the top of my desk" with divided 12" pages ... whatever is laying on the desk that I want to scrap gets put in an album with notes (if I can remember what I want to say) and there is no order. It gets me putting things in albums faster for us to be able to enjoy them sooner. :-)
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wow - this is an amazing layout Julie - thanks so much for sharing yourself so openly - I'm sorry to hear about your divorce - it most certainly does look like you are finding your wings however ;-) congrats to you and thank you for letting all of us share your journey!!!
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2013 on On My Own at Balzer Designs
oh this is interesting!!! thanks so much for sharing! (I just rediscovered your blog again - have been "away" for a time - and I so enjoy your art!!! so glad you're a part of Scrapbook Soup! and you look AMAZING!!!!!) :-)
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2013 on The Color Pink Doesn't Exist at Balzer Designs
LOVING my amazing and crazy life with boys and school and sports ... despite the fact that I'm also AVOIDING the self care I so desperately need ;-)
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wow ... this is spot on for so many areas of ones life ... it's the child we're feeding ... not the adult ... WOW! this is a great wake up for me this morning ;-) not sure where this came from (or if I have it totally right), but I try to remind myself of this: there is a mean, vicious tiger inside of each of us - there is also a loving, nice tiger in there - and they are both hungry - which one is going to win? the one you feed! (figuratively I'm sure) this is all a process - a process through life in finding balance and what works on any given day or period thanks so much for sharing everything you're going through - your experience has been a positive thing for me!!!
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2012 on I am Superman… right? at Cathy Zielske's Blog
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this is a GREAT topic!!! (I might be related to the militia you're speaking of BTW ...) while i was raised to write a thank you note every single time i should, today is different (and sometimes unfortunately ...) receiving a hand-written "thank you" in the mail always puts a smile on my face! but giving a gift is just that - GIVing a GIFT if you give because you expect something, you have missed the point of giving - even if it's just a "thank you" you would like because so many things are sent through the mail, I do believe it's nice to at least inform the sender that you received their package ... so they are aware ... all in all, what matters is that you do what makes you feel good and teach your children the best you can - that's all I can do myself and I'm trying to do my best - even though I don't measure up to other people's standards - thank goodness I've stopped trying to do that ;-)
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2011 on Thoughts About Thank You Notes at Yeah, Write
this post is wonderful - thank you I found it through a comment posted on another blog a couple years ago - wild! I became "that" person this year when my husband passed and it made me smile to read your list of 10 ... because I have these people in my life, and now I know how to be one myself ;-)
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2010 on What to do? at Kris' Blogorama
thanks for sharing about The 3/50 Project!!! I hadn't heard about it before, but I'm so glad to be able to share it ;-) congrats on your recent move!! hope the unpacking went well - looking forward to reading about some of your craftiness ;-)
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Nov 10, 2010
(not sure how I navigated to this post today, but there must be a reason ...) I remember reading this post some time last year and it made me cry then. A year ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, but now is doing well. We lost a dear friend suddenly last December, then two months later my husband passed away in an avalanche. This post takes on new meaning to me today. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love the way you express yourself through writing. You put into words on paper (screen) what I can't seem to get out of my head. I'm in a scrapping slump. A creative slump. Simply a slump. Can't seem to get back to enjoying the simple things in life. Reading this reminded me why I have no choice. Life does go on. And regardless of how I "deal", life is worth living. Thanks Cathy.
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2010 on My friend Mary at Cathy Zielske's Blog
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what a terrific idea!!! thanks so much for sharing - I'm going to have to copy this one ;-)
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2010 on Tuesday Tip at Scrap Big
Beth, you rock!!! thank you SO much for participating in the blog hop - it's Thursday now and I'm just getting the chance to get out and catch up on my 'blog viewing' - you grrrls are SO wonderful!!! my eyes are dripping wet with tears of happiness - thank you so much - sure miss you!!!!!!!! :-)
LOVE your ideas ... they are the BEST! ;-) thanks for sharing them in the short video clips ... you've got my wheels spinning!!
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2010 on Student Stories at Scrap Big
this salad sounds FANTASTIC!!!! I love fresh stuff - and ways to change it up because it's easy to get in a rut ;-) thanks for sharing - can't wait to try it!
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Lain, this is great - thanks so much for the little reminders - I know many of us forget these things often (at least I do!) and it's so nice to remember the reasons ...
great job Cathy! thanks so much for sharing your progress - and your great page layouts :-) can't say that I'm doing good in the "care for me" side of life, but there is hope (as you so graciously reminded me) ;-) and right now I'm in the prayer stage still ... how the heck do you keep up with all these comments?! (reading your first clean & simple book right now - page by page - LUV it!!!!)
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yippee!!! so looking forward to seeing you on TV again :-) I love your techniques, but also your explanations - you're a terrific teacher! saw your layout over on Pencil Lines today as well - fantastic!! love your take on the sketch ;-)
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2010 on Pencil Lines: Sketch 173 at Balzer Designs
hey Beth - I just stumbled upon your blog this evening and I love it!! SO nice to see you out here! we sure miss you ;-) glad to see things are well with you - sounds like you're still crazy busy in the scrappin world - it's great to see you out here still :-) (BTW - I did go back to read your first post - and I loved it!!)