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I think the same Michael. Parallel lives is the key. It's an eternal present. Like dreams. Like an NDE. Time is camouflage and Seth told the same things in the 60s...
Toggle Commented May 4, 2018 on Splinters of truth at Michael Prescott's Blog
Great post Michael! On this subject interesting what Seth said from “Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul”, Chapter 9 – The “Death” Experience "A belief in hell fires can cause you to hallucinate Hades’ conditions. A belief in a stereotyped heaven can result in a hallucination of heavenly conditions. You always form your own reality according to your ideas and expectations. This is the nature of consciousness in whatever reality it finds itself. Such hallucinations, I assure you, are temporary. […] There are teachers to explain the conditions and circumstances. You are not left alone, therefore, lost in mazes of hallucination. You may or may not realize immediately that you are dead in physical terms. Christianity has believed in a heaven and a hell, a purgatory, and reckoning; and so, at death, to those who so believe in these symbols, another ceremony is enacted, and the guides take on the guises of those beloved figures of Christian saints and heroes. Then with this as framework, and in terms that they can understand, such individuals are told the true situation. Mass religious movements have for centuries fulfilled that purpose, in giving man some plan to be followed. It little mattered that later the plan was seen as a child’s primer, a book of instructions complete with colorful tales, for the main purpose was served and there was little disorientation. .... You will find yourself in another form, an image that will appear physical to you to a large degree, as long as you do not try to manipulate within the physical system with it. Then the differences between it and the physical body will become obvious. […] You will simply be learning to operate in a new environment in which different laws apply, and the laws are far less limiting than the physical ones with which you now operate. In other words, you must learn to understand and use new freedoms."
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2018 on Lost in the bardo at Michael Prescott's Blog
It would be interesting to make a comparison between what Vatellini says and what Seth says. It seems to me that there are several points in common even if I have not read Cornillier's book.
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Nov 17, 2017