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Free your mind and prepare to travel West Coast style with Damone Seven, an independent hip-hop and rap artist representing Long Beach, California. Influenced by the words of 2pac, Common, Will Smith, and Michael Jackson, he has been a player in the West Coast music scene since 2003. Considered by his peers to be not only a good artist but a good performer as well, Damone Seven is one of the illest emcees to touch the mic. Damone Seven's first freestyle came naturally at the young age of 13. While walking the halls of Lexington Jr. High, he was challenged by several classmates to freestyle. Not even sure what freestyle was, Damone Seven started firing lyrical projectiles stunning classmates with his natural rhythmatic style. Like Michael Jackson, Damone Seven wants to ‘make a change’, using his music as a means to break down social barriers and to expand the definition of Hip Hop. Following in the footsteps of his mother, a magazine writer, Damone Seven also possesses the gift of a poison pen. Not on the scene to just ‘make music’; he inspires to paint a clear picture with his words that come from deep within his soul. His rhymes are richly detailed forming words naturally to each beat. His music manifests the raw oomph that he puts into every single word, leaving his fans captivated wanting more, more, more. Maintaining the status of independent artist will allow Damone Seven to keep his own identity. In control of his own destiny, he will continue to master his music through dedication and perseverance. One of his goals is to acquire distribution so that he can create a profitable scenario for those who have helped him along the way. "Determined to become the best, but only time will tell." Damone Seven ~ November 19, 2009
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