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Dan Getz
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I switched back to a Mac early this year specifically because of how well it runs Windows in addition to the benefits of Mac OS. I'd highly recommend Parallels for running Windows on the Mac.
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George, as a long time reader, I can say I'm probably not one of the smarter ones here. :) I do have a few counterpoints/thoughts. Term limits: While, in general, I'm more for the lay lawmaker than a professional ruling class, aren't there some positions (such as president) that we want someone with government experience? Look where Obama's lack of experience has gotten us. New Tax Code: I like the idea of a flat tax. I'm just not a fan of it affecting savings. People don't save enough already. We need to encourage saving rather than spending so that when hard times come around, people aren't lining up for government support. Single Issue Legislation: I completely agree that legislation should be single issue, but haven't thought of a way to realistically enforce it with borderline cases. I'm also a fan of having a page limit on most legislation. No more add-on fees for government services: It seems to me that some services, such as the patent office, need fees or the government will be quickly swamped with patent trolls. On time budgets: House arrest may be struck down as too severe a penalty, but I have no problem with no pay.
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Aug 27, 2010