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Dan Germain
Interests: Hosting, SaaS, Data Centres, Managed Services, online applications. Cycling (Paris to Hayling cycle ride); Walking (3 Peaks challenge) Technology & the internet Minis (Mini Cooper S Clubman)
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While you make a valid point about RAM and response times, which seems to be the point of the article, I struggle to see how this a valid from a Disk I/O viewpoint. Have you completed testing to validate this using a typical storage design for an Enterprise? a) Have you tested Exchange 2010 using SATA disk? FC disk is very expensive compared to DAS/JBOD/SATA which is supported by 2010 now. Unless you have CX/FC storage available, there are arguably more appropriate storage solutions for Exchange 2010 now. b) Why use a user profile of just 100MB mailboxes? Exchange supports mailboxes of many GB now, mostly due to Enterprise data/retention demands. If you repeated this testing using 2GB and 5GB mailboxes on SATA/SAS storage then this would validate running Exchange 2010 on vSphere for me. thanks Dan
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