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Amen, Erin! Here in Chicago, the trains and buses are all free on New Year's eve. No excuses, don't get behind the wheel.
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I'm honored to introduce Erin Mitchell of RLM PR, the latest addition to the Hey Dead Guy team! She blogs at her own site as well and you can find her on twitter as @erinfaye. So without further ado... What... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye It is with a heavy heart and a bloody mary that I announce this will be my last post at Hey Dead Guy. I adore blogging and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing for this site, but I feel... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye I'm constantly reading books for my clients and potential clients, usually about 2 books a week. When I'm not reading work related books, I try to read my friends' books or books I've received from other publicists.... Continue reading
What I love the most about working in publishing is the community. I enjoy the people, the conversations, and most importantly, how everyone is able to work together. A few weeks ago, Chantelle Osman from Sirens of Suspense contacted me... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye This week I’ve had the joy of having an intern. As part of her graduation from middle school, she is required to complete 35 hours of pertinent work experience. In addition to the free labor and sassy... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye I'm a firm believer in hard work and not putting off til tomorrow something you can do today. As an author (or self-employed publicist or freelance editor) the temptation to procrastinate is always there: "I should probably... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye For the past few days, I’ve been toting author and barefoot runner, Thomas Hollowell, around the city. (Shameless promotion #1: If you’re a runner, buy his book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Barefoot Running. You won’t regret... Continue reading
A great observation. Libraries and independent bookstores create an environment that encourages people to talk about books, recommend titles, etc. B&N feels like more of a "get-in-get-out" type of place. And I do all my shopping at Trader Joes and the local produce market :)
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By Dana Kaye When I first started watching Mad Men, I hated Donald Draper. He lied about his past, cheated on his wife, back-stabbed his colleagues, all with a smirk and a wink. That being said, the man was intriguing,... Continue reading
Congrats on your novel! The Blog Talk Radio audience varies a lot. Some shows have a loyal following, others only have a few listeners. I think if youre a newbie and still growing your audience, do what you can. If youre a veteran and your time is limited, do your research and politely decline if they dont have the readership.
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By Dana Kaye Last night, I spoke to a group of graduating Columbia College students (I’m always up for poisoning young minds). They had great questions, so I thought I’d share some of them with you: How do you use... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye A couple weeks ago, I posted the Top Ten Signs You're Using Social Media Incorrectly. As I continue to notice people executing Twitter taboos and Facebook faux pas, I think another list is in order. I know... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye Erin Faye – another PR extraordinaire and blogger – has been running interviews on her blog to promote Brad Parks’s new book, EYES OF THE INNOCENT. But instead of interviewing Parks, she’s interviewing his main character, New... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye Yesterday I attended the Columbia College job fair. Though I’m not actively hiring at the moment, I do seem to go through more assistants than Murphy Brown, so I thought it would be a good idea to... Continue reading
Top Ten Signs You're Not Using Social Media Effectively You post trivial tidbits like "Happy Tuesday" or "How is eveyrone today?" This won't draw readers in, and gaining readership is the point of social media. You only Re-Tweet or Re-Post.... Continue reading
Great post, I was actually going to blog about this topic tomorrow. I still may, but you're a tough act to follow.
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By Dana Kaye Since I work in the publishing industry, I don’t see books in the same way as regular readers. I look at publishing information, where it’s shelved, the format of publication, the imprint. I don’t think readers care... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye This weekend is the C2E2 comic book convention in Chicago. Although I’ve always been a fan of graphic novels, I had never been to a convention until I started working with Challengers Comics + Conversation. When I... Continue reading
My next post: Best Places to Buy More Bookshelves :)
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By Dana Kaye Ten Ways To Find Your Next Great Read Read blogs. (check that one off the list!) Not only do book bloggers post reviews of books, but there is often discussion in the comments section. Those discussions will... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye In crime fiction, much of the story tends to rely on plot. Something always happens in the first few chapters to set the story in motion. Then there are stakes that drive the story forward. Whether it’s... Continue reading
By Dana Kaye Last night, I hosted the Chicago Literati Networking Event. My goal was to bring published authors, aspiring writers, booksellers, and publishing professionals together for a meet and greet. There were dozens of writers in attendance who came... Continue reading
Great post, Robin. I was hoping you'd contribute your opinion from the bookseller's perspective.
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Unfortunately, a lot of the books are going to be shipped back to the publisher. Some of the stores are doing storewide sales, but its not clear if those sales are going to count for authors.
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