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Here's someone's take on replacing Midnight Green with Kelly Green in the current uniform set - not sure why he chose to show the (still) awful black over green combo: (by Jeff Shirley for a Uni-Watch tweak roundup: )
Teams heavily rumored (or leaked) as changing - some of these may be very minor like a trim detail, new pants option, or a new logo on a generally unchanged uniform: Jaguars Vikings Dolphins Browns (keeping the same helmet, though) Also, teams have scrapped proposed changes before the season started. That's why the Bears can have orange pants in Madden 13, but they never wore them during the real 2012 season. All that to say, the Eagles have never shown up on those lists. It would be neat if they managed to change things without any word of it leaking out, but that's unlikely.
Thanks, Adam!
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The top image is South Park-y because it's a parody of a screenshot/image from a 2010 episode of South Park...
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2013 on So, "Big Balls Chip" it is at Crossing Broad
@Chesco: It's hurt to write these articles since about week 4. Oddly enough, winning even makes people not hate uniform articles (as much).
@Michael: Thanks for the heads-up. Will update shortly.
"Hunsicker says people actually show up to R-Phils games expecting to see the Phillies. Really." I don't think this is true except for people from foreign countries (who are traveling without a local host), who are going to the outlets in Reading, seeing a baseball stadium, seeing "Phillies," and then assuming it's the regular MLB Phillies. This re-branding addresses what might be the tiniest plausible Venn Diagram overlap in history.
@Pat T - thanks for the heads-up and kind words. Updating shortly. @Philly native...: Not true. I also don't like the Eagles uniforms due to the drop shadow, black socks, and stripe patterns. If the Eagles were playing the Cardinals in green over white, that'd be a straight-up "win" (whatever that means for something as ridiculous as this). This specific season (as of week 3) has been weird because the Eagles were in green on the road against the Browns (who have a top tier uniform), then against the Ravens (not so nice) but in the awful white over green combination. As the season progresses, you'll see the green over white combination "win" a fair amount, I'm sure. I agree that the Eagles have one of the best helmets in the league (with the Steelers, Rams, Chargers). In previous seasons (check the archives) I'd write much more about the Eagles each week, but it was pretty much the same things every week, the way that I mention the shade of green every week now, I was writing the same thing ("great helmet, bad stripes, wrong socks") each week. @Korn...: they can wear an alternate twice a season, but they're currently using the black jersey as the alternate, unfortunately.
Uh-oh: Eagles' & Ravens' Gamedays both show their teams wearing white jerseys tomorrow... There's scandal a-brewin' (though it seems like the home team's website might have a higher chance of being correct.)
@this is stupid: You get the prize for "First comment to call me gay for the season!" @Al TRU: I've tried getting people to change their fantasy line-ups accordingly, but no luck so far for some reason... @Raymond K. Hessel: What "knowledge" are you looking for, exactly? It's a pretty superficial topic for the most part (with some exceptions, such as the history of the Ravens logo change, for example). @Johnny: blah blah blah Don't like it, don't read it, and don't comment blah blah blah @Dan Fuller: Don't feed the trolls... d'oh. Too late.
Well, hopefully they'll wear them with white pants instead of green which they did a few times about ten years ago. I'm still undecided if Black over Green or Green over Green is their worst combo, though. Black/Green: Green/Green: Black/White: (the best of these combos, but this picture makes it obvious why midnight green isn't a good color. It just looks drably "dark" when the lighting isn't perfect.)
@Brian They made a prototype of an away jersey showing "Philadelphia." They used the same typeface, and "Philadelphia" simply has too many letters to fit cleanly.
@PSU Alum -- Doh. Good catch. I used the wrong picture for the White/White combo. Image will be updated shortly.
@Matt T: Any source or link for that? The articles about this seem just to go back to the Reading Eagle piece which doesn't touch on that (though it makes sense). I'll definitely update the article if there's a source out there.
@State Penn: There isn't one on Penn State's uniforms! Though there is a swoosh...
@Chris - I happen to like the Air Max 95-esque style. To each his own, I guess. There were some warning signs in the listing that I (in hindsight) feel stupid for having missed such as feedback rating, type of pictures, and so on. Size 13, actually, but yes, very large socks [which are tough to find in stores]. I have an issue with regular sized socks going threadbare at the toe because of this. This is not a euphemism. [yes, too much information...]
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With actually registering the trademark, it'd be “Do you want to knowwww... how I got this smile on my FACE? Well - sniffles, wipes nose - that’s a clown question, bro®!” Anyone can claim a trademark with a ™ symbol, but he just made it legit and could (theoretically and if it is approved) sue when others used it if they're within the scope of the "Goods and Services" listed in the application. Double points for the joker pun, though.
Per confirmation from Nike, the only team logo anywhere on these is on the insole, so even that is subtle (unless your team has loud colors, of course).
@Nova Yeah, if you're not into the Air Max 95s, the NFC South's design is pretty nice.
@Bill: "Yinzer" is the slang term for someone from Pittsburgh. Surprisingly it's not considered derogatory, but it sounds funny, so it stays.
"The “oh yeah I forgot, that team got everybody this offseason” test sounds great on paper, but it rarely ends up well for said team." Don't forget the Marlins won not one, but two World Series in 10 years using this strategy.
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2012 on The Ridiculous Marlins at Crossing Broad
@that girl: Good question. 1) It needs to look like a football uniform. Yes, this creates a logical conundrum, but similar to some other famous descriptions, you know a football uniform when you see one. This looks like one: This doesn't: 2) I generally don't like the white jersey over "dark" pants look. "Dark" pants often just end up looking, well, blackish and dark as opposed to an obvious color unless the lighting is ideal (and it's often not). 3) Excessive "ornaments" detract from a design. If it looks tacked on, it probably was, originally on a designer's CorelDraw or Illustrator screen. Inexplicable panels (Cardinals), stripes that aren't really stripes (Falcons pants), "yokes" (previous Bills uniforms) just look busy and in the big picture, will prove to be only fads. I'll make a note that none of these say "new = bad" or "modern = no good." "Honolulu Blue" (Lions) and continuing to call the Redskins maroon "Burgundy" are just as much products of marketing as "Midnight Green." It's just part of sports branding; people only tend to get upset when it's forced down the fans' throats (i.e. "Midnight Green").
AP is showing that the Jets are in White over Green, not White over White. Apologies for the incorrect prediction. Consider the score to be 22-13, Eagles. The game is going to be VERY green.
Ok, ok, Kevin, I'll bite. What would you want "autographed"? A bound journal containing all of my articles? Note: for good reason, these don't exist.
OK - so we've got one vote against the new format.