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I agree Yvonne -- old dogs are pretty amazing! I have a friend who, on the recent loss of her beloved dog, expressed such frustration. She said we get them to the point where everyone is in sync, we communicate effortlessly, and then they have to go. It doesn't seem fair. A lovely group you've got there, thanks for sharing!
I'm so sorry to hear about Cleo, Sharon. You wrote a loving, beautiful tribute to her. My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.
This is great! Nothing depressing or scary there =)
Thanks for the interesting introduction to Dorothy Hearst!
Also want to say thanks for doing this and for listening to the community - it was shaping up to be a "lost" weekend around here!! I am also relieved to hear the actual subject of all this will not be showing up here anymore. Thanks also to Mel for her great detective work...she cares and works to get the facts. I would bet you could tap any of us in the community at any time for input on whatever you wanted to gather information on, each according to our own expertise and we would be happy to assist.
Oops, talking about links, the one to Pamela's eloquent post needs to be reloaded - it's going to Mel's blog.
I know Mel and realize Blogpaws does not. I have to say that she is not a female Nathan Winograd. Hers is not an attack dog blog, and I think the view that what she said was an attack on the BP organization is wrong-headed. Mel is not responsible for commenters who go off the rails and say erroneous things like "you knew". I have commented on her blog, on Edie's and have left my summary for this blog. I don't think BlogPaws purposely brought in a web designer who enables puppy mills and I don't think Mel does either not in her initial post or in her follow-up post. I think she never got an answer to the information she sent, she saw he was a speaker and commented on her feelings about that referring to year old post. I think people in animal welfare recognize earmarks that raise red flags regarding internet puppy mills and most certainly the "petite" and "boutique" have all the red flags. This is not a court of law, it's a common sense screening. If it walks like a duck, etc. People outside the industry do not understand these earmarks. ASPCA offers pointers on how to spot puppy mills online, at least they have in the past. While the economy has forced some responsible breeders onto the internet, none of them operate on the basis of year-round availability for any breed you might want, or let you think you can have a dog at all just because you can pay. Check with Christie Keith now at VetStreet. None of us knows everything all the time. I don't think the community is unrealistic in that way. But I too am confused and upset at the response to Mel and to Edie who I consider to be friends and members in good standing in this community. For the record I thought Edie's post about vetting was benign and pointed to an area of concern that might need attention. But I also know things can hit you just the wrong way sometimes. I hope this can be resolved without any further acrimony and we can go forward believing that when we ask questions of each other and make statements we do so in good faith. We can all take something wrongly when it was not meant that way depending on what else has happened that day to color the way we see things.
Fabulous and smart partnership - congratulations!
I was happy to see Blogpaws new online community section and had to mention it in my Be The Change post! It's been great reading so many posts that are working to do more for animals - *we* are the change:) Mary from BTC4Animals
This commercial had me in stitches - all I could think of was the Beatles song with the line "Instant Karma's gonna get you..."
Ha! Now we twitter rabble rousers will put a lid on it! Nice badges ya got there. See you in August and thanks for the credit - I have a rep to uphold;-D
Given the Animal Care & Control mess in Chicago, if privatizing is going to happen to get needed cash, records must be open to the public and online. Playing with numbers seems to be a new national sport and, like home valuations, kill numbers vs. transfers vs. adoptions, cannot be spun to suit agendas. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction for KC's shelter - congrats!
Thanks for all this news, Brent, and for the mentions which are much appreciated! I amended my intro to the WTTW video on the End Dogfighting program to specifically clarify that the program was the brainchild of Tio Hardiman and not the granting source HSUS. It's amazing how even as we watch - and know better - the whole story gets compacted into a more easily deliverable soundbite. Thanks for nudging me to pay attention to that!
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Thanks for the mention in this fun post! If there are lots of kids at the party it can be fun, too, to have face painting just prior to a dog/human look-alike contest:)
I can't figure out how the stubbornly, purposefully, proudly ignorant keep getting voted in...a modern day case study in how to control a population though fear, and force the murder of thousands of innocent dogs...or whatever else you care to make the boogieman.
I could not agree more:) Noteworthy, significant, immediately useful - it's what we pet bloggers do to raise awareness for our furry friends and the general consciousness of the public, offering tools for change when needed. Great post Yvonne!
How did you come up with the advertising rates? This is a confusing area for many so if you have benchmarks we might follow, that would be really helpful. In this economy it strikes me that rates need a range based on a couple of sets of criteria - in other words how do you test for value because not all blogs are worth $100-150 a week, or even that much a month. Would you suggest a formula? Thanks!
Yes, we do need to demand laws be enforced. My concern is for the immediate welfare of the animals while we are doing that. In that, BF program can help. (Sorry, it's quite late, but I think bans were an outcome of program and not a request from BF?)I don't think we should be waiting for government enforcement of laws while dogs are being abused if there are other tools available. Just sayin'...seems wrong. But I appreciate we may simply disagree on this, and thanks for the opportunity to be heard.
Amazing that so many armed with so much data of failure continue to install this poor excuse for public policy internationally. Yet it happens over and over. So tired of dogs lives being determined by what is politically expedient. Thanks for the update!
When I read Carianne's response it reminded me of an article I posted on the truth about pit bulls, listing facts w/links to actual experts (what a concept for these folks)about how pits are damned everywhere they turn, being fought to the death by criminals on the one hand, and killed by the State on the other through no fault of their own. It also ran on the Examiner where Dogsbite and friends showed up to spew their garbage for days on end, with a couple people slapping them down. They play heavily on fear. Unfortunately, fear is the weapon wielded by the black helicopter crowd and other fringe groups from politics to dogs. It works. They know this. It makes generally intelligent people get stupid, fast. And then the fringe folks scream "unfair" if they don't get on tv. I agree with EmilyS that journalists who refer to organizations with opposing views just for the sake of presenting one are irresponsible. I thought the journalist's principle intent was for opposing *credentialed* experts to air their views, not to lend a platform and credibility to someone with a website and a grudge. This may be the reason so many people now disrespect experts and believe opinion is just as good as fact. Instead of educating the public with opposing views, they just help to cripple critical thinking.
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