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The idea that a thoroughly indoctrinated Roger Ailes puppet can be given a pyramid-topping role at a network news division without it being treated as a scandal is beyond comprehension. I like the touch of his brother being an Obama speechwriter. So what does that mean? He hasn't sold GOP ideology while claiming it's fair and balanced? What Moonves has done is dirty and stupid. Dirty because he's moving CBS News to the right. Stupid because nobody and executive produce 60 Minutes and be the chairman of the news division. I wager Fager didn't get a raise and Rhodes is making 100K. Puke.
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Who drinks Bud Light? I live in a neighborhood of New York where the bars fill with firemen and police officers. They drink Bud Light. It's not because of drinkability or humor, it's because it's a cheap high and it's not "girlie". Guys and women who want to look chiseled don't want calories. That's why the President chose it. It's a working man's drink. It's the ball game drink. It's America. We seem to have forgotten Amstel and Tab here. People who drink Bud Light don't drink beer for the taste. It has none. They want to get bombed. Bud Light has pukability.