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I agree concerning your last point especially. Getting out of the way is truly important for the congregation. It's similar to how one's parent's faith can't be one's own faith. You have to enter into relationship with God yourself and not ride on the merit of your parents. In a similar way, I think some people get stuck trying to copy and imitate the leader all the while thinking that they are engaging in worship for themselves... as a newborn Christian that might be beneficial, but it could, perhaps, lead to stunted spiritual growth later on. Also, I think it is unfortunate that worship is so heavily dominated by the "rock-band" motif. There really is so much more for us to be inspired by, but more importantly, I think a true fascination with the beauty of God would allow worship leaders (and all worshippers for that matter) to more original expression and find a place for their identity to blossom in worship. I wonder what will happen when more people's hearts are awakened to awe and wonder at the beauty of Christ... you might be on to something with the narrative idea—it lends so much more meaning to the service elements.
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Aug 11, 2012