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I was amused once by searching for Shakes Clown and getting Sales Success (6-Disc Series)
Watch Now took a big dump a couple months ago after I "upgraded" the viewer. It no longer allowed me to use my tv as a monitor. It kicks back some error that it won't work on the analog device.
Lincoln Log announces their new mascot.
I don't see how they would they control the 3-out-at-a-time. Plus it annoys me when Netflix sends me disks out of order from my queue. If I queue up RoboCop 1, 2, then 3... I want them in that order; getting them out of order will force me to hang on them longer waiting until I have them all (or heaven forbid possibly burning them to correct the error in the process.) I could also see myself forwarding a broken disk forward and letting the next person deal with it than myself.
I was just in my queue a few minutes ago without any problems; using Firefox
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2007 on Netflix Site Access Bugs at Hacking NetFlix
as if DRM has had any real impact on pirating.
I read her blog post as humor not serious. I mean it starts with "A young lady on Myspace", there is no serious tone from that point forward.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2007 on Netflix Comes Between Friends at Hacking NetFlix
I'm going to chime in here and say that I absolutely love the Watch Now feature. If you don't have a/your computer hooked up to a television, this is the reason to get it done.
BS. I dont understand why I have to pick a friend to leave a note. Why cant I just leave my thoughts on the movie and whoever wants to read it can read it.
Basically what I get from the chart is dont watch movies on Thursdays. From my experience the first Monday pickups are the worst. So I dont drop on Sundays. If I drop on Sunday, I typically wont get a replacement until Thursday. If I drop on Monday afternoon then I can have a replacement on Wednesday.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2006 on Best Days to Return Movies? at Hacking NetFlix
the venue for this changed. it is now being screened at Marine Park.
I would be ok with it. But I keep it pretty simple. 5 for movies/shows that I love 4 for stuff that I like 3 for something that was watchable or semi-entertaining 2 for something I forced myself to sit through 1 for something I turned off
I agree that it's terrible. I was frustrated a couple times this weekend and once already today with trying to decide who I should 'recommend' a film to, just so I could leave a comment about it.
"People feel more secure if they can see the movies and you can explain to them what they're about," That annoys me. I wouldnt mind a conversation about a movie that I returned. but, that is never the case though, they always want to talk about the movie I'm trying to rent.
I've only recently started to pay attention to the return address. 90% of my rentals are local distribution in Houston, TX. The rest are from Austin, TX. I rarely return to Austin, I'll just double up the discs in the Houston envelope. Even though Austin is not that far away to ship back to, if I get on e run of remote locations, I'll have a nice stack of Austin envelopes to hold me over.