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United States, Illinois
Interests: adventure, earth, etc., avatar
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They could make a documentary on PANDORA, or another race comes to PANDORA and threatens the Na'Vi. I hope they make an avatar 2 it'd be amazing and the first ones story was so amazing and beautiful
thats kind of why he said LOL, we were being serious but its not like anyone can just drop everything and go to a forest, but it could be done as could the way your putting things
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Jan 4, 2010
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Jan 4, 2010
eating normal meat is fine. eating has nothing to do with the enviroment, because they grow back and repopulate, just dont eat processed meats
yeah that seems smart. and Ikran we'll hunt the tigers!
so do that first then go into the forest to live there :)
i dont own the car, my parents do i cant drive yet
Kaltxi, oel ngati kameie (Hello, I See You) Welcome to the family!
Hell yeah, im in
I would gladly do that but we would need more people. And where would we go? What forest?
as i left the theater today after seeing AVATAR for the third time all i could think was "Screw this im running home" did anyone else feel the same? Did anyone else feel disgusted by everything humanity has done? The... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2010 at AVATAR
when the movie ended it depressed me, because as i was walking to my car i felt disgusted. I looked around at the streets and the cars and the movie theater i was just in, and i saw no green. I hated myself and i hated humanity, but now i am going to dedicate my life to saving our world its not pandora but its the best we've got. and one day i plan on living a true life just like the omaticaya
I'm with you all the way i would give up everything to go live like the Na'Vi and help save the earth, and i cant wait until the day i do.
will do dee! im off for now seeing avatar again :D!
Awesome Thats my facebook account, Heres Nicks!
Ikran just email me a picture of some if you want and il put it in!
look at my most recent post and you'll see how!
EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO ALL WHO HELPED MAKE THIS MASTERPIECE LISTEN UP!!!!!!!! Me, Nicholas, Dee, Jeremy, Tom, Jason,Yunus and Ian have a group on facebook now dedicated to making a book composed of our most emotional... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2010 at AVATAR
just curious am i going to be an admin for this group?
but humans are selfish and cruel (Most at least) however i wish people like us could all get together and make our own tribe or something like it because if you havnt noticed we all understand each other here
nick send me a group invite
Fair Enough.