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Jan 30, 2019
With three people criticizing the "high school dropout" phrase, I want to note that first, I did include in the post that Brin is on leave from Stanford's Ph.D. program. More importantly, I felt it was noteworthy that he dropped out of high school -- that the educational system was not meeting the needs of this obviously highly intelligent person. In many respects, that's gives him a more interesting platform from which he can critique the system. While I don't agree with all of his ideas, I meant no disrespect in publicizing a fact that he himself pointed out from the stage.
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Thanks for the comments. Jon, I realize that Paul and Ringo are the only surviving Beatles, but one interesting chapter in the group's history was a theory that arose in the 1960s that Paul had died. The Beatles fanned the flames with cryptic clues in songs ("Strawberry Fields Forever") and on the Abbey Road album cover, and found that playing "Revolution 9" on the White Album backwards produced the phrase, "Turn me on, dead man." You can find out more here: Dan
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Here's how to control those moments: Don't take your kids to violent movies! Go play in a park! Go read a book! Why do we need to raise a generation on mass media, lightning fast images, and slapstick violence? Throttle back on the rush to adolescence.