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Dan Fries
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Mar 24, 2017
Thanks for being the only article about this on the internet, presently. Who wrote this? I am an artist who has had music and royalties with Pandora/SoundExchange for years - and now, unexpectedly, CD Baby is suddenly collecting my royalties and taking a cut - no permission asked, no permission granted. (Apparently they sent an "opt out if you like" email to my spam folder). My SoundExchange payment went from $500/month to $30/month. needless to say, I'm very frustrated and upset, and will never trust CD Baby again. Trying presently to sort this out with Pandora, to ensure that if I "opt out" now, it can go back to how it was, instead of being forever ruined by CD Baby. Hopefully this can work.
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Jan 22, 2010