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Excellent! Thanks for the swift reply.
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Hi Chelsea, How would I cite two references that have the same lead author and same publication date but a different number of authors. As far as I am aware, according to another post on this site, "when you have two or more references of more than three surnames with the same year and they shorten to the same form . . . you need to clarify which one you are citing each time". Would the same apply if I had a reference with just three surnames, not more than. For example, in my situation, I have one reference with more than three authors and one with only three so I am unsure whether the above applies. The following citations are: (Harris, Bargh, & Brownell, 2009) (Harris, Pomeranz, Lobstein, & Brownell, 2009) On subsequent citations, am I right in assuming that the first reference would be cited as (Harris et al., 2009) whereas the latter reference would be cited as (Harris, Pomeranz, et al., 2009) or would this be incorrect? Many Thanks, Dan
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Mar 16, 2015