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New York
Just a guy
Interests: Music, computer, movies, nature, science, etc
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I'm pretty happy with Netflix streaming and it's probably because I don't expect new titles for streaming. Once in a while I'll hit on a gem but since I haven't watched many movies since being a teenager I'm happy catching up on movies I missed and classics that I never bothered watching in the first place. Aside from that documentaries are one of my favorite genres and there is plenty of them available. I can only think of 2 or 3 times a stream hasn't been perfect quality wise. Overall I have no gripes with Netflix streaming or DVD service. Would it be nice to have newer titles available for streaming? Sure but I didn't sign up expecting it.
Hands down one of my favorite apps on my iPod Touch. I find myself getting up to get my iPod even when the remote is right next to me.
As a relatively new Roku user, I'm still not entirely impressed with the Roku interface. It needs some prettifying, IMHO but 2.8 is a nice update overall.
First off it needs to be opt-in rather than opt-out for those who don't like all the 'newfangled' social stuff. I'd welcome to ability to be able to connect with my FB & Twitter friends to see what their watching, read their reviews, and have the option to add it to my queue with a click or two. A neat thing would be watching a streaming movie with someone else. Sort of like Yahoo Messenger does with YouTube videos. If either one of us pauses it pauses on the other end. That'd be cool for those of us who have family and friends in far away places. That's about all I want out of a Netflix Social Network. The ability to broadcast "I'm now watching X" to various social networks when I start something on demand would be cool too.
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Nov 6, 2010