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Daniel Du
Daniel Du has been with Autodesk since 2008, focusing on providing programming support, consulting, training and evangelism to external developers. He is based in Autodesk Beijing, China office. He started from his career from an institute and gained more than 10 years’ experiences on software design and development domain. His expertise spreads across application development for Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server (former MapGuide), AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Topobase and other Infrastructure Modeling Technologies from Autodesk. Daniel has a bachelor degree in Geography from Lanzhou University. At his spare time, he likes go out for hiking in the hills near Beijing.
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This version is targeting Autodesk Vault 2014, so .Net Framework 4.0 is needed, it is not targeting .net 4.51.
Typepad HTML Email Hi Rob, Thank you for raising this up. I removed the hyperlinks, please refer to the document in Vault SDK for more information about these services. Regards, Daniel
Typepad HTML Email Since VS2013 rolls out already, I expect many developers move to newer IDE, so I would like to skip VS2010. Anyway, if want to do it yourself, please feel free to do so based on the source code on Cheers, Daniel
Integration with Google Map/Bing Map/Yahoo Map is part of built-in functionalites of AIMS 2013, you can set it up in Infrastructure Studio, and you need to use flexible web layout.
Hi Tom, For AutoCAD Map 3D, there is no concept of "session layer", so you cannot use code snippet like below: string sessionLayerName = templateLayerId.GetName(); string sessionLayer = @"Library://" + sessionLayerName + ".LayerDefinition"; MgResourceIdentifier sessionLayerResId = new MgResourceIdentifier(sessionLayer); resSvc.SetResource(sessionLayerResId,byteSource.GetReader(),null); You have to change the layer definition of library resources. PS. blog is not a good place for technical support, if you have question, you are recommended to go to or ADN if you are a member.
By Daniel Du We talked about Ajax Viewer, Fusion Viewer, actually Mobile Viewer is another important viewer, especially for those who want to view map data on mobile devices. The Mobile Viewer framework is a set of JavaScript classes, CSS files, images and icons designed to provide a compelling and... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2013 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog
By Daniel Du This is second half of feature service, we will discuss updating, deleting and creating features with feature service. A feature class contains one or more features. Each feature has a geometry that defines the spatial representation of the feature.Features will also generally have one or more properties... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2013 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog
Sorry I made a mistake, this feature has been there on AutoCAD 2013. Please see And there is no SP2 yet and I do not know the plan( when or whether it will be released) yet.
Sorry but I do not understand your requirement. But it is possible to embed a base layer like Google Maps/Bing Map, etc to AIMS with flexible web layout. Not sure whether it is what your want to do...
the URL is truncated due to the layout issue, it is:
By Daniel Du In this part, we will discuss displaying and plotting maps. After this class, you will have a better understanding layers, layer groups and map, and learn how to plot maps to plain images or DWF files. A layer in MapGuide is an overlay on a drawing composed... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2013 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog
By Daniel Du In this post, we discuss site service and resource service. As we talked in part 2, there are 7 services in MapGuide Web Extension API. Before a page can use a service, it must open a site connection and create an instance of the necessary service type.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2013 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog
Thanks Norman for the comment, The code was in VB. To be clear, I changed it to VBA code and appended some C# code snippet for reference.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2013 on Purging anonymous blocks at AutoCAD DevBlog
You can select any AMI which satisfies the system requirement of MapGuide and install it when logging into the instance with remote control tool. Sorry but Autodesk cannot provide support about this.
Hi Badar, The sample code of solution 5/6, including all others, can be downloaded from the last link in the post.MapGuide Samples 2012(zip - 22.5 MB) Thanks, Daniel
Hi Arrianne, I did not do anything with config.json, just using the default one which is installed by installer. I don't think it is necessary to modify this file except you have particular needs.
Thanks David for pointing out this, it is fixed now.
Yes, I agree with you Zac, I have logged a wishlist about this, please free feel to issue a ticket from Open Source community as well :)
By Daniel Du I blogged about this topic on my personal blog in English, so I just leave a link here, if you are interested in this topic, please refer to this post. It was written based on MapGuide Enterprise 2011, but it applies to AIMS 2012/2013 as well with... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2012 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog
By Daniel Du Q: I want to zoom a map to screen center without changing the scale, how can I do it? A: In Map 3D, if you have connected to FDO data sources and added them to map, you can call AcMapMap.ZoomToExtent() to set the new extent of map.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2012 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog
By Daniel Du I am asked how to get the list of maps from MapGuide repository. In this post, I will show you how to do it with code, actually it is possible to get a list of resource with specified type, it can be feature source, layer, map or... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2012 at Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog
TypePad HTML Email Hi Alex, Sorry but I am clear about your meaning, are you trying to add a chart in AIMS? Would you please refer to this post to check whether it is helpful? Thanks, Daniel
I did a test, it works fine for Raster layer as well. A reminder is, please to make sure to refresh the map using viewer API.
Hi Mohammad, To make the blog more readable, we only answer questions related to the post itself. If you have any other questions, would you please ask through ADN site(if you are an ADN member) or ask in autodesk discussion group? Thank you for your understanding.
Thank you for the comment, the link is fixed now.