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Teesdale in County Durham
16 year old Tory passionate about medicine
Interests: Science and medicine, Conservative politcs, polo, classical music, period drama, and other various interests.
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Presently studying A-levels myself, I find this announcement regarding the overhaul of A-levels very interesting although any new proposals will not affect me as I will complete my A-levels in 2013. via Continue reading
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Thirty years following the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands, support still seems high for the war, when watching the television and reading newspapers and I have yet to read/hear any regrets or criticism towards the decision to reclaim the islands in 1982. via Continue reading
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I decided today to buy a copy of The Times today and there were some rather interesting articles in it. The main story was about Syria, showing Tom Coghlan telling his week undercover in Syria. The article effectively shows what one expected was happening in Syria, but one was not... Continue reading
Posted Feb 25, 2012 at DanielDowson's Blog
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Feb 24, 2012
An article on the Telegraph website ( about SSE, who owns Southern Electric, has said that delay in the referendum is causing uncertainty in business. It takes some time to realise the importance of the issue and one that has yet to be completely grasped by the unionist campaign. The... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2012 at DanielDowson's Blog
Since 1707, Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom, along with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Scotland, over that time, due to the Union, has prospered. I find it uncomfortable to learn that there is a strong possibility of Scotland becoming independent. This will cause harm to the rest... Continue reading
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For now, I will be blogging on this TypePad blog, but I will share all posts to Twitter. I hope you will enjoy reading the posts. Tory Lead was my first taste at blogging ( and I am trying different blogging services to see which I prefer. Again, welcome to... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2012 at DanielDowson's Blog
I do agree with some of the points that Jill Kirkby is making, but I believe that the youth unemployment figures are at least partially linked to the problems in the Eurozone as I wrote in my article on Tory Lead, to view the article click here:
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I completely agree with Chris Skidmore and I have just written an article about the issue on Tory Lead as well as including the wider issue of party values.
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I do believe although unemployment is important, the present figures are not 'dangerous', they could be a lot worse (much worse!). I have wrote an article on this, to read it click on the link:
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I completely agree with Robert Halfon and he should be congratulated for his excellent work. You can read my article about reducing fuel costs here:
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This sounds a very good idea and when specific problems are addressed, as suggested by Doubtful Metaphors, it would be an excellent idea and obviously simpler taxes usually mean less taxes which is ultimately what we want. I may write a blog post on this as it is a good idea (my blog is Tory Lead,
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I believe that our borders have been compromised but as yet, no-one has been proved specifically responsible, thus there should be no calls of resignation, least of all for the Home Secretary to resign due to her relatively good work at the Home Office so far. To read more of what I have to say, visit the article by clicking on this link
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Sep 12, 2011