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Daniel Genter
Seoul, South Korea
Hello, everyone! My name is Daniel Genter and I’m originally from Madison, Wisconsin. As an undergraduate, I studied Economics at the University of Wisconsin and have spent my time since in Africa and Asia serving Sub-Saharan African and North Korean refugees. I can’t wait to get back to the States and start a new chapter at UCLA Anderson!
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You can! I'm currently using the same strategy with my Nexus 5 cell phone. All you need is an unlocked mobile device. : )
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The UCLA Anderson community is made up of a truly diverse group of students and faculty. But if there's one thing we all have in common, it's that we're here to lead. Leadership is central to almost every course offered on campus, and it's something we've all reflected on in our application essays and interviews. However, leadership isn't just talked about, it's put into action through countless opportunities with student-led clubs and school events. 2014 ASA President, Brian Schoelkopf What's great is that these opportunities aren't limited to upperclassmen. For example, take my first-year classmate, Brian Schoelkopf. Recently, he was elected President of the Anderson Student Association (ASA). From this spring, he and 12 other first-year students will serve on the ASA Cabinet and become the voice of Anderson's entire student body - before reaching their second year on campus! These types of opportunities extend to professional clubs like High Tech Business Association and Management Consulting Association, identity clubs like African American Students in Management and Out@Anderson, and interest clubs like Wine Club and Anderson Eats. Although the new ASA Cabinet was elected earlier this month, the majority of leadership opportunities begin from the first days on campus. Student-led clubs all elect first-year students to serve as Directors of important functional areas like Finance, Marketing and - most importantly! - Social. These roles allow you to make an immediate impact on campus, connect with your second-year classmates, and are a great way to try out new areas of interest. They're... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
If you've read up on UCLA Anderson, you've probably found mention of it's fantastic Network. Just how far does it reach? For a better idea of its breadth, just take a look at the outstanding leadership who's spoken on campus in the Fall Quarter. From left: Larry Fink (MBA '76), Chairman and and CEO of BlackRock Inc.; Robert A. Iger, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company; Sandra Day O'Conner, Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Every day at Anderson you can find world-renonwned social, political and business leaders engaging the MBA community in thought-provoking, cutting-edge conversations. These alumni and friends of Anderson present big ideas that stretch the gambit of the business world and embody our "Think In the Next" credo. Below are three more exceptional individuals who've recently held engagements on campus and show just how deep and diverse is the Anderson community. Rupert Scofield, President and CEO of FINCA International: Rupert Scofield is an entrepreneur, humanitarian and agricultural economist who has led FINCA International to become a leader in microfinance that provides a socially-responsible investment partnership for marginalized communities in Africa, Latin America, Eurasia, the Middle East and South Asia. Mr. Scofield visited UCLA Anderson through the Center for Global Management Lecture Series and spoke to students and faculty about the evolution of FINCA International and the tangible, life-changing effects of increasing the flow of capital towards social good. Sajjad Jaffer, Managing Partner of Two Six Capital: Much like Billy Beane changed the rules of success in... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
This week Anderson's Class of 2015 got down to business and began its first MBA course, Leadership Foundations. At the moment, we're only a few days into the class but we're already laying the groundwork for our next two years at b-school and beyond. As its name implies, the course builds on leadership frameworks and uses them to reinforce the Anderson credo, "Think in the Next." Hey, Summer Bloggers! What has this week taught you about leadership and what it means to "Think in the Next"? Alena Kostenkova: This week's experiences were not easy for me, but who said that they would be? I think I didn't realize how much teamwork means until the Odyssey day of Anderson's Leadership Foundation course. When I was climbing the pole (see below) and fighting with my fear to step up to the top, my team was cheering me on, giving advice and support. Buzz was the one to realize that I am in trouble and he took the initiative of guiding me step by step: he told me where to put my legs, how to help me overcome my fear and finally stand up on this very high pole. Buzz demonstrated the true leadership of giving a hand to a teammate who was struggling: he was calm, patient and very supportive. All of these characteristics will be very helpful in the workplace in the real world. Another exercise was on teamwork and communication. It was fantastic! You have to go on a 30-... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
Together At Last: The Class of 2015 Summer Bloggers Today was a big day. It was the first day on campus for incoming students and the day the Class of 2015 was officially welcomed into the Anderson family. As faculty enthusiastically introduced the program and second-year students started to show us the ropes, all of us who are new to campus got to meet our classmates face-to-face and experience first-hand all of the excitement of the Anderson MBA. For the next two weeks, your favorite Summer Bloggers will be here to share their unique experiences at Orientation and their first impressions as the newest additions to the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Summer Bloggers, how would you describe your first day at Anderson? Alena Kostenkova: Today was very exciting for me! Until the Dean’s inspirational speech about the school, I don't think I fully realized the importance of the decision I made several months ago. Today I have met all of my wonderful classmates in person and I became the proud member of Section C. Now I know what the strange (from the first sight) word “diversity” means in terms of people’s backgrounds, experiences and interests. During section time we had the very exciting experience of introducing ourselves to our section by making 1-minute presentations. It was the culmination of today’s experience for me as I enjoyed learning more about the people around me. It was very interesting to learn about my classmates’ backgrounds, hobbies, interests, passions and career aspirations.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
You may have noticed that August was a little quieter than usual on The MBA Student Voice. With Orientation right around the corner, there's no doubt that Anderson's Class of 2015 has been busy preparing for the start of school. What does it take to be Anderson ready? Here's a look at how I prepared to become a Bruin. 1. I quit my job! I loved working at Liberty in North Korea. Bittersweet as it was, this was the moment when I felt my MBA journey begin. I had been looking forward to going back to school for quite a while and the prospect of starting something new in a big city and at a school I was proud to attend was truly exciting. 2. I focused on family. From left: Celebrating my sister's wedding, visiting my Grandma Gert with my mom, in Seoul with my girlfriend Dao At the time I quit my job, I had been abroad for the better part of five years. Returning stateside meant saying "Goodbye" to my long time significant other (I miss you, Dao!) and reconnecting with hometown friends and family (Hi, Grandma!). I know school will be intense in the Fall, so I've made a point to try to adjust to my new long-distance relationship and take advantage of the time I have with those I care about most. 3. I studied every day. The Math & Excel for Management textbooks Hats off to all my classmates who have prepared for school... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
If you've thought about persuing an MBA, then you've probably asked yourself, "Is it worth it?" I asked the same question (A: Yes!) and now find myself asking it about all sorts of things related to back-to-school. Along with campus housing, MBA tech is a great place to find value with pain-free ways to save. Laptops My $1422 MacBook Air Whether you're looking for a simple user interface, all-day battery life or just the coolest looking notebook around, the MacBook Air is a great choice. But for UCLA Anderson purposes*, the MacBook Air presents a significant problem: it doesn't run Windows out of the box and installing Windows can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your PC. Yet, with a little price shopping and internet savvy, you can have your MacBook and eat it, too. I bought my new MacBook Air direct from Apple and all of its software and accessories online. Here's the cost breakdown: Look at that! A brand new, Anderson-ready MacBook Air with a RAM upgrade, Windows 8 Pro, Office Home and Business and a sharp looking case, all for just $1422. For those of you keeping track, that's $323 less than the list prices and $578 less than Anderson's suggested computer allowance of $2000. *Anderson uses Microsoft Office features and educational software that work best with Windows. Cell Phones textPlus on Android Every MBA student needs a mobile device. But do they really need the call and text plans that come bundled with their... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
Class may not start until September 23, but don't tell that to the team at Anderson's Parker Career Management Center. With their strategic selection of pre-orientation deliverables (and due dates!), they've had the incoming Class of 2015 hard at work well before any of us have set foot on campus. Among the deliverables is the CareerLeader Self-Assessment Tool. CareerLeader is a research and data-supported "approach to business career self-assessment built on the premise that one's interests, motivators and skills will drive their future career success and satisfaction." So, how does it work? For each of the three inventories (Interests, Motivators and Skills) there is a brief survey (15-30 minutes) that asks the user to evaluate his or her own professional preferences and abilities. CareerLeader then compares the user's unique responses to those of "hundreds of thousands of business professionals" and matches the user to specific business-related careers that offer the best potential fit. But that's just the beginning. After the self-assessment is completed, CareerLeader offers high-detail explanations of each inventory's results and creates a complete report of all its findings. It does this through a system of tabs and dropdowns that summarize the "Results" (above, left image), highlight "Key" high scoring areas (center) and invite the user to "Learn More" by answering common questions about the inventory's survey and results (right). The "My Career Match" and "My CultureMatch" pages offer further analyses with career suggestions and recommendations on what type of organizational culture best fits the user's personality. One of... Continue reading
Posted Aug 8, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
An MBA is an expensive investment. And if you take a look at Anderson’s estimated student budget, you’ll see that it’s not just tuition that’ll have you reaching for your wallet. The good news is that UCLA offers plenty of ways to limit spending without sacrificing everything that’s great about the school and life in LA. Let’s take another look at that estimated student budget. If the “Room/Board” figure seems like an overestimate, then you're on to something. With a little help from UCLA, incoming students can live well below it and find great rates on places to stay in and around campus. Take a look at three of my favorite options. Dashew Center Apartment Packages These straight-forward, modest apartments are for the true bargain shopper. Despite the rock-bottom prices (packages include $735/person/month and $895/person/month options), all options come fully furnished and with utilities (water, gas, electric, cable TV and internet) included. They also offer FREE (or very cheap) parking, 9-month lease options and a short commute to campus (from approx. 0.5 to 1.7 miles). Depending on the package, a swimming pool, fitness center, covered parking and/or gated access may also be included. So, what’s the catch? Shared bedrooms. This is a big one. And it can be a deal breaker for even the tightest budgets. But if you can stomach the close quarters and a slight change in lifestyle, then these apartments offer some of the best values on campus. Dashew Center Home – Apartment Packages Page – Brochure... Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
I was nervous when I first shared my plans to pursue an MBA with my parents and colleagues. Traditional wisdom had me believe a wide chasm existed between the MBA and nonprofit worlds. I was worried that those closest to me wouldn’t understand my decision. The reaction I expected: “You’re going to do what?!” The reaction I got: “That’s great! How can we help?” Their support was a relief, but I was sure the UCLA Anderson community would be a tougher sell. --- I was so wrong. A few weeks back I met up with some other Class of 2015 admits. We shared food and drinks, told stories and talked about campus life. We joked around, made plans for orientation and learned a few secrets to winning in Hong Kong casinos. What didn’t we talk about? My business inexperience. My “weird” nonprofit background. All the reasons I don’t fit in at Anderson. I left the meetup downright impressed with my future classmates. Of course, they were all smart and successful. But they were also simply one of the nicest groups of people I had met in long time. They were warm and open-minded. Friendly and genuine. And they made me – and my nonprofit background – feel right at home at UCLA Anderson. Daniel Genter, MBA '15 - Follow UCLA Anderson on Twitter. Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice
Everyone knows about Anderson’s strong academics and beautiful location. These are at the heart of the school’s appeal. But what else about Anderson sets it apart from other top programs? Beyond the rankings and LA backdrop, Anderson has a lot to offer. Here are a few more reasons that I’m becoming a Bruin. Embrace of Social Impact These days every top business school promises social impact opportunities. Yet, some are more committed to it than others. During the admissions process, I met schools that knew little about their own social impact offerings and took part in admissions interviews where my non-profit goals were met with resistance. This was simply not the case at Anderson. During my campus visit, I was paired with a current student who talked in detail about C4C and Anderson Net Impact. And although my admissions interviewer was not academically involved in social impact, she spoke highly of the Riordan Programs and gave me the chance to make a case for my social impact goals. Tracks & Specializations My non-business background left me a little lost when I first began looking at MBA curriculums. Anderson resolved this by organizing its breadth of courses into Tracks and Specializations. These academic paths helped show me which courses were essential to my focus and all the possibilities to customize my MBA at Anderson. They also showed me that Anderson has put serious thought into its curriculum and will be a clear way to signal my (newly acquired) business expertise to... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2013 at The MBA Student Voice