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Dani dahlia
love life,love laughter, love to love
Interests: i enjoy films particularly comedy, i'm really creative (great with my hands like to get messy with paint and stuff), i love all types of music(you have to keep an open mind), and i just try to have the best time that i can and enjoy the ride that life has to offer
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Dani dahlia added a favorite at Post the Love
Feb 8, 2010
Dani dahlia added a favorite at Post the Love
Feb 8, 2010
If that boy doesn't like you for you, then honestly he's not the guy for you. Don't try too hard, just be yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy your life, do things out of your comfort zone it helps to build your confidence and try not to over think it all. I know it's hard but right now it might seem that boys are the be all and all but at this stage you've got to learn to love yourself first so concentrate on that and all the rest will follow.x Ps I was a little larger when I was your age so I know how you feel.
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We as human beings have a duty to each other to look out for one another always, in any way we can.Don't just post the love but show the love.
Feb 8, 2010
wow, I wish I had the inclination to make such an inspiring piece of art while in the city, your a clever guy and you've created something beautiful
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I do believe that's what they call pouring your heart out, sounds like once you started the words came so easily.Nice work.x
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Feb 4, 2010
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Feb 4, 2010