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Just a few of corrections; one, only the volume up button will take a photo; two, the "Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic" are included, but you can use the volume up button on any supported earphones with remote as a cable release for the camera app (I recommend the Etymotic MC3); lastly, you do not need to use iTunes for anything. Starting with iOS 5, which comes installed on all new iOS devices, no computer is required (unless something goes wrong.) In fact, Apple has been releasing iOS apps to do away with macs and PCs for over a year now (see iMovie, Garageband, Airport Utility, Pages, etc.) I recommend turning on the grid and HDR in the camera app. If you want near total control of the camera use Almost DSLR. The iPhone is the best reading experience ever, mostly because of the retina display, but also because you can read in the dark and because you can download almost any book published in the last decade (and almost all public domain books) on a whim.
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Thank you Robert E.! I have seen the Hubble IMAX documentary at the Rose Center of Earth and Space in the American Natural History Museum half a dozen times with my son. They play Kamakawiwo'ole's cover during the credits and I cry every time. The photos and renderings from the telescope are beyond awe. So much so that I never remember to look for that beautiful, bittersweet song. It is now safe and sound in my iTunes library thanks to you (and Mike's wonderful blog, of course!)
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Dec 27, 2010