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Late post but thank you for the heads up on the survey ... I referenced you, Haglund, as my source. I’m so happy NYCB included Diamonds in the digital season. Actually I’ve enjoyed all the programming. I’ve yet to view tonight’s program but I wanted to comment on Diamonds. I’ve seen NYCB perform this for more than 20 years, live. I never tire of the ballet. I’ve loved all the dancers through the years but seeing this streamed content was paradoxical, almost painful. I was so happy and sad at the same time. I appreciate your optimism about returning the stage. Mearns and Jansen were just glorious (I was actually at the live performance). The corps was alive and living it up. It was such a treat to see Lydia Wellington on screen!! Laine Habony, who I still believe is under-valued despite such strength, passion, and musicality, was the Demi stand out!. At 5’7”, she moves like a tall girl - and she led the Polonaise regally. Let’s hope their futures do not stay on hold too long - that generation has had its delays already. I’m sure most of the dancers are very concerned and the future ... But let’s hope for more streaming content as we New Yorkers navigate this scary time. Thank you for your continued posts! You are my favorite!
Great point about Mejia - I had forgotten about that award. And yes, incomparable. As for Habony, I disagree on her trajectory based on media usage of her, the featured roles, the corps roles and understudy work during Martin's tenure. Not that she isnt on stage every night in the corps, still. From IG, we know she had been rehearsing Sugar Plum during Martin's last year and once he was out, things changed. Its obvious she is capable of much more and had an amazing start as a young dancer (SAB full merit, YAGP winner, SAB favorite). I have spent many summer at The Chautauqua Institute with Patti McBride and John-Pierre Bonnefoux. Habony spent two summers there as one of their favorites, performing with the Charlotte Ballet, performing Russian Girl in Serenade and the lead in Donizetti Variations as a teenager. There is still a true ballerina buried in there. Regardless, I agree with you on your opinions - there is some talent in the younger dancers . But even with a full roster, I hate to see management looking past a wealth of amazing, mature soloist and corps dancers while pushing those babies. Keep up the great reviews!
Not only clogged at the top, but it feels like both the former interim team and the new AD are determined to change directions away from anything Martins - which means moving away from the dancers that were in motion by Martins - which is a mistake IMHO. Not just King and Pereira but a few generations below. Yes, we see Woodward, Phelen in most things, as well, but how about the stagnation of Bologna and Laine Habony? Habony is not a corps dancer and is being wasted in the corps. And to skip Mejia or Farley for the Levin award for Bailey Jones was, well, disturbing.
I saw the Sunday matinee Jewels - hands down Laine Habony should have been the soloist in Rubies as she stole the show there and same as a Demi in Diamonds. I had the same report from several retired City Ballet dancers who were there earlier in the week. Come on City Ballet - use this hidden Jewel - give us more .....
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Sep 25, 2018