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I felt sad sad too, reading about KDE Telepathy is going to die. On my case, I use it on my home PC. After Kopete's/MSN death and the quick growth of KTP (and the promise about how it would gonna be), I felt that was really the right way to go, and I was quickly adapted to it, too. The thing is - let's face it - I don't really think chatting on mobile devices is that user-friendly. I think people still need solutions like KTP for chatting. Using a phone or tablet for chatting is still awkward. Whatsapp web was born for that reason, to avoid users switching from PC to phone/tablet to keep a chat. Maybe it would be good to ask for help for KTP. I just learnt with this post the current KTP development status, and I guess many people (which includes people that uses it on their day-to-day, that could be many) isn't aware of that. There already are some solutions for Whatsapp and Facebook chats for Linux Desktops (looking at the Bitlbee ones), the most popular messaging services right now. I think there could be people interested on helping to do something about it for KTP. However, thank you for the support you've gave for mantaining this stuff!
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Jun 19, 2016