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now that carbon age is over they bring up all this nice high-tech engines. oh wait they can use also syn fuel! precision to a micron level 0.001 mm - i must be dreaming what? excellent cold driving performance well thats not necessary - my garage is solar heated growing tendance to 'creep' their engines oh me too i have a creepy engine folks i have to say all this just leaves me speechless nice job honestly i never thought anybody would have the courage to speak about diesel engines in the forseeable future
Very promising indeed. There was a similar approach with an electrical current to get syngas from co2 and h2o. Still I think BEV are unbeatable for simplicity of construction and rumourless operation. In any case two thirds of the population will live in walkable neighbourhoods with streetcars and bikes ...
@ Richard C Burton. There is in fact a increasing number of means to extract soot from exhaust fumes. Largely four categories: washing with water curtain, ionization, vortex and condensation heat exchange where particles stick to humid surfaces. To be straightforward you will upgrade to a heat-power device that is fully automated and accessible with a phone-app. The ol' chimney still depends on proper handling. That is - give it time to heat up, always have a nice flame to fully burn the wood. For closed stoves burning above 2000 degrees f with an insulated chamber will break up all atomic bonds.
It's so yesterday to ship products around the world based on production cost disparities. One continent is capable of producing all that is needed. In judicial terms it's called illegal competition. Granting full access to foreign companies would keep innovation alive. As for the claim in the article, this is complete rubbish! Aerosols cause light dispersion during sunset that causes additional sunlight resorption.
maybe like peak demand for oil we'll have peak power for money, and the sheer amount of expertise lingering in society will make unqualified influence look suspect.
Electric cars don't come cheap either. I like that thing - I start saving money now. @Davemart, it's only the portable charger that takes h3.5 - for weight reasons likely.
If i do the math it seems self-sustainable to me: at a cost of $6 one watt @40% gets 3.2 kwh per year. @10cts per kwh return of investment is 5%. It will not make you rich but it gets you steady income. Improvement of technology and mass production will bring down cost.
if it was jets - oh my! why is it not raining in lebanon , kenya.
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Dec 21, 2009