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You asked, "What do Christians believe today that is so deeply ingrained in them that it could cause them to fight and die for a cause that is neither worthy of their death or of a great bloody war?” and I've thought about this for days. Although the US was founded WITH Christian principles it was not founded ON Christian principles. The primary principle this country was founded on, the reason for both the American Revolution and the Civil War, was the principle of rights to pursue, acquire, and protect/keep/use property. I do not believe this is a Christian principle. As a matter of fact, I believe the opposite is true and speaks directly to what the previous commenter talked about in terms of 'dying.' It is at the heart of dying to oneself as a matter of fact. Losing, giving up, ceasing to pursue, giving away...all that one possess, including one's life - is at the heart of Christian living. "Love and pray for your enemy." "Give him your shirt and shoes, too." "Turn the other cheek." "Take up your cross." These are metaphorical because we know they are precisely the things Jesus Himself did. The next war this country engages in like the Civil War, heck, even the "wars" we are currently engaged in - ultimately will be about the so called RIGHT to pursue, acquire, protect/keep property. Too many Christians in the US, because of how this country was founded, not because of Jesus or the Bible, believe this "RIGHT" is just and proper, but it's not. True justice, true righteousness lies with Jesus' example of giving up everything for the other...even if the other is terribly unjust themselves. DJ|AMDG
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It looks like Edward Jones changed/removed the link...but I'm pretty sure this is the article here. Thanks to Google, I managed to get a copy downloaded and was able to store it for you. John, if this isn't the article, you can delete this comment I've posted. (I should also point out that neither I... See More, John, or ACT3 recommend any investment strategy whatsoever. We're just pointing to an article that anyone else could have also gotten online through Google.) Blessings.
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Jun 2, 2010